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DJ Boat and Kobi Jonz deliver AfroBeats jam

Certain songs come on at the party, and it’s not about screaming the lyrics or jumping around. Rather, the right track turns on and men are on high alert, seeking out the perfect woman to catch a wine. Lyrics may be recited, but whispered into one’s ear instead of blared at the top of their lungs. Fast enough to curate a high-intensity wine but slow enough for two spirits to find their middle ground. Kobi Jonz and DJ Boat may have just set the tone for the summer with “Give.”

The fact they provided lyrics on top of this animated, dance-inducing three minute and 20-second cut is almost unnecessary because you get locked from the opening note. Lyrically, the song is enticing. It covers wanting a lady’s heart, emphatically demands love, and conveys a yearning commonplace for a man who becomes enamored on the dance floor. We do often start talking about hearts and being “given life” far too early. Full blame to the beautiful women of the world.

The switch of flow and cadence within the lyrics is especially impressive despite my earlier assertion that it’s overkill. There’s clear ability within the two artists, to not only evoke the sounds we want to hear but combining them with words that resonate. Summertime synergy.

DJ Boat has been a lifelong music head, starting from five years old when he’d listen to his grandmother’s radio in Ghana. He’d have to walk miles just to watch music videos of legends like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, but ultimately relocating thousands of miles to New York City may have been the best thing for his inevitable career. Upon moving to NYC and being influenced by the states, he learned to create beat loops and rap songs. Challenging himself to create traditional Ghanaian music to American Hip-Hop beats brought out his true range as a musician.

He then became a staple house party DJ on Cornell University’s campus and now a well-known Spotify playlist curator. And if you haven’t heard of begAfrica LLC, you will very very soon. Not to mention recent single “The Man” alongside Richie Benson. Kobi describes his musical journey as one where it found him. He developed an interest after a freestyle session, after primarily being a dancer and poet.

He began releasing music in 2009 after honing the craft a bit more. It became so paramount that he considered leaving school early to take on the pursuit full-time. The success of 2013’s “Takeover” solidified his potential to be great, but he finished up. 2016 saw more success with the Falz-featuring “Paddle. Now residing in Houston, he’s looking for the next milestone after 2018’s Xylem amassed over 1.5 million streams.

Boat and Jonz meeting could be a result of divine intervention. Tracks like these certainly hint at that. Check out “Give” above and stay locked for what’s next.

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