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Calboy and Fivio Switch Up Styles in “Rounds”

Calboy and Fivio Foreign recently collaborated in their new single “Rounds”. Calboy blew up this past year with his catchy, uptempo track “Dopeboy”. He has a melodic flow with cross over potential and creates catchy hooks effortlessly.

“Rounds” shows us a different style from Fivio Foreign. Although he keeps his gritty, Brooklyn lyrical content, he experiments with a more melodic, bouncing flow that mirrors Calboy. Fivio is proving he’s here to stay as an artist. Since “Big Drip”, the rapper has proven he has the ability to adapt to any style. “Rounds” shows Fivio’s cross over potential and shows his creativity when it comes to blending his styles with others. He still keeps his trademark ad-libs while incorporating a new flow, matching the more upbeat feeling of the track.

The beat for “Rounds” is a New York Drill beat with an extra layer of melodic elements to complement Calboys rap-singing style in the verses and hook. This layer enhances the melody created by Calboys flow and brings a different sound to Fivio’s style. There is a lot of balance in this record. Fivio and Calboy both try to imitate each other styles while still keeping the elements that give them their trademark sound.

Stream “Rounds” below:

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