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Burguhnd releases new single ‘Poppin’

Skittering hi-hats and a sinister bassline make this new track by Burguhnd far from the average turnup. He surely brings his normal zest, but this is a diss to everyone who isn’t “Poppin.” Rather, they’re more focused on popping pills than actual success.

The layering of Burguhnd’s voice create a melodic foundation but really he’s just spitting. “Know about you, you be running/Tried to cross me, crossed out yourself/I count money, them drugs gon’ hit/Try to touch me and my blood gon’ hit ’em.” There’s nothing nice about his disposition. He’s boasting and pointing out your deficiencies simultaneously.

There’s something so enjoyable about hearing a rapper with an edge. Slick talk gets the mean faces and the Tweets. When you appeal to the mind, you get a true impact. For Burgunhd, it’s all about continual growth and consistency in order for his messages to reach more people. It’s a steady grind, but he’s got the right attitude already. Confidence carries you far.

This two-minute, four-second single is Burguhnd’s latest after February’s “Hurtin.” The artist out of the 615 could very well be gearing us up for another project given a year has passed since Please Take It Personal. While we wait, tap into “Poppin.”

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