Sole Oceanna Cuts Into Top 100 with A Single Banger ‘Not Feeling It’

Sole Oceanna proves it is possible to be a budding pop sensation teen disrupting the music realm. With a series of impressive covers, a lauded debut track ’Destiny,’ and sophomore track ’The Truth’ in 2021, Oceanna recently burst into the pop world with a top 100 single banger, ‘Not Feelin It.’

The fearless yet vulnerable artist’s debut ‘Not Feelin’ It’ showcases the variety of her writing styles, personality, voice, and feelings. ‘Not Feelin It’ is a solid pop-punk tune painting Sole Oceanna’s whole vibe and personality. Her vocal performance throughout is nothing short of 5 stars, with a youthful exuberance only a 15-year-old could achieve. Indeed, there are many moving parts to “Not Feelin’ It.”

Taking up an alt pop-punk sound, ‘Not Feelin’ It’ explains building personal boundaries on the grounds of prioritizing yourself. Sole advocates for staying strong when things fall apart and that giving no for an answer is absolutely okay.

Oceanna says, ‘I am here to help through my music to encourage and empower people to fully be themselves, to be in the moment of what they are feeling, to be in their power, and to operate on a high level of awareness for what is right in the world and what is wrong. Time is now to be a force, show up, and be present in this world.”

‘Not Feelin It’ was first heard over the radio on May 16, 2022. As of July 7, 2022, the debut is smashing at number 83 after debuting at number 153 the week before on the Mediabase Charts. Currently, it is trending at position 20 on the NRH-AC 40 Charts, number 5 on the STS Top 40 Indie Singles Chart, and number 53 in the Hot 100 Chart; a compilation of Top40, AC and Hot AC Charts. Oceanna says, ‘It’s exciting to see my song climb up the charts each week!’

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