Shai Zaire Release New Single Via AB The Label

Shai Zaire recently released a new single named Dates via AB The Label. You can check out the single below.

Shai Zaire is a new artist hailing from Utica, New York, preparing to cause a frenzy within the entertainment industry. Shai Zaire‘s New Release, “Dates,” is a song for those prone to using modern technology to communicate and interact. The hook states, “Whatever happened to two strangers going on d.a.t.e.? That’s what it’s supposed to be, but you be tryna t.e.x.t.” Shai Zaire expressed, “The feeling a song leaves with someone is essential to me; whatever emotion I put into my music, I make sure the audience can feel as well. With inspirations such as Michael Jackson, Hall and Oats, Maroon 5, Chris Brown and Bruno Mars, and Anderson Paak, one can imagine how creative Shai Zaire is.

Five years from now, Shai Zaire sees himself as an established artist with investments in real estate and many other businesses. With all of the success he has seen in a short period of time, Shai Zaire does not plan to slow his momentum. Be sure to follow him on social media and prepare for his upcoming music!

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Keep up with Shai Zaire:

His YouTube channel is Shai Zaire

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