seeyousoon Shares ‘HZLIKEHELL’

seeyousoon has captivated many already with their dynamic tracks consisting of eight-separate members contributing to their sound. It is unique and often raucous and they credit the energetic, punk-leaning Florida rap scene with inspiring them. Furthermore, from a host of different sources and genres that quickly become obvious as you delve into the group’s eclectic catalog. 

The group has worked hard to cultivate a sizable and continually expanding fanbase, after bursting onto the scene last year with their album VIDÈ that was both well-received by the public as well as critically, garnering a great deal of editorial praise from several directions, as well as landing their track “Ben Affleck” into the latest Fifa game, which is sure to give the group an even greater platform on a beloved game’s fan-favorite soundtrack. 

Their new album HZLIKEHELL is a twelve-track journey across a bevy of sounds with influences. Thus ranging from dance music, to hip-hop, and even pop at times as seeyousoon as a whole understands how to not allow a song to get too dreary or repetitive. Their music comes together seamlessly and speaks to the personal and musical chemistry of the group. 


seeyousoon Knows They Have The Juice

However, their support is not just in the editorial music community. Moreover, T-Pain says seeyousoon is his favorite group. The collective features Ignacio, Kenny, Maddie, Josh, Dre, Drex, Luke, and Mitch who all fit perfectly like a puzzle. They do while all still remaining on the same page of aiming to push musical boundaries. They are not afraid to experiment. 

The past decade has seen a number of unique collectives make their respective marks. Moreover, forge remarkable scenes and communities. seeyousoon is certainly well on their way to doing just that and rewriting the rules of music all at the same time. Furthermore, you can catch the group live on tour with Vermont collective 99 Neighbors. This should be a full stage with an overwhelming presence for the remainder of this fall and into this winter.

Lastly, listen here below!

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