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Flatbush Zombies Return With New EP, “Now, More than Ever”

Aside from the Beast Coast collaborative album Escape From New York, the Flatbush Zombies haven’t released a solo project since 2018’s Vacation In Hell. Arguably their most cohesive project to date, Vacation In Hell cemented Flatbush as the epitome of how successful independent acts operate. The rag-tag trio of Juice, Meechy Darko and Erick Arc Elliot have undoubtedly grown far outside the once cult-like following that held them in the halls of Hip-Hop’s underground scene. Now, More Than Ever revives the Flatbush natives affinity for experimental production and their uncanny knack for interloping verses.

As the world mourned for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor & the other countless victims of police violence, the Zombies were in the midst of preparing to drop their latest EP. As the music world debated fervently on social media as to how to properly release music/content during a time of worldwide solace, the Flatbush Zombies put a plan into action. On the day of the release, the merch collection for the project was made available to the public with a promise to donate all proceeds to fight social and civil injustices. In less than 45 minutes, they sold out and raised over 100k.

Alongside the hefty donation, the trio presented a meditative 6 track EP that gave listeners an outlet to pour their frustration into. Meechy’s final verse on “When I’m Gone,” evokes an internal dialogue that could only be properly represented through the echoes of Darko’s famous rasp. The poetic musings of Erick Arc Elliot blossomed on, “Blessings,” and Juice continually proves he’s the go-to member for any style, level or variation of hooks.

Shall I fly without losing my flock?
Will I die before making my mark?
Heaven knows that I gave y’all my heart
Man, I gave y’all my all zero day from the start

Meechy Darko on “When I’m Gone”

As the world continues to struggle to find words, the Zombies were able to eloquently and passionately give their listener something tangible to grab onto. Whether that’s hope, anger, frustration or sadness – Hip Hop’s top trio is back to invigorate the people.

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