Peter $un Gets Real With ‘Scumbaby’ (Deluxe)

Richmond, VA native Peter $un has been a creative music force for the last couple of years. Coming from the RVA underground music scene the evolution of Peter $un’s music has been a pleasure to watch. His sound is like the pefect match of ecentric melody and hard bars that will take you into his world of creativity.

From the insanely creative music videos to the crazy features Peter $un has definately created his own lane. Some of his well precieved music videos “No Bad Days” and “Work” displays the introspective outlook that Peter $un has on his music and expiriences. During this interview we talk about his music and how different enviornements affect his creative process as a whole.

Down below is the interview with Peter $un!

What is it like being a musician in Los Angeles right now?

Peter $un: I think that it is a lot more relaxed. It’s a lot of color and beauty around; it’s always bright and sunny out here. So, I think it brings a lot of character and bright colors and tones to my music. A lot of the music that I was making out there in Richmond was rap, like low-fi hip hop beats and bars and shit. So when I came out here (Los Angeles) I started experimenting with my voice, even more with singing and trying higher tones. Richmond can be bright and beautiful, but it’s a different environment; it’s east coast it’s more gritty.

How did the collab come about with Childish Major on the song “Ammo”?

Peter $un: I got hip to him like 6 months before we recorded the song. I was just thinking of people who we could get on “Ammo”. I had a mutual connection with somebody who knew him through the label. We sent the song over to him and he liked it, but I never met him in person he just sent the song back like a day later.

Would you ever collab with any west coast Rappers? You’re on the same label as Blxst; could that be a possiblity?

Peter $un: I definitely think a collab with Blxst would be possible, it would just depend on the vibe. For me, it is always about what makes sense. For like “100 Proof” and we got Guapdad 4000 it made sense. It was like aight who’s a fun person that we can get on this song. The timing just has to be right, but I’ll work with anybody.

Could you talk about the song “No Bad Days” and where the creativity came from to make that song?

Peter $un: Yeah it is like the continuation, I wanted “No Bad Days” to be the bridge to the new Stuff that I am working on now, you know? It’s unique, shout out to Blue Rondo he killed the beat. Originally it was a different beat and he remade it because of sampling reasons. For that song I pulled from my dad, he would always be like “have a good day don’t not letting nobody mess it up”. So, I kind of wanted to portray that through a song. No matter the circumstances and no matter what is going on. The video is also a whole vibe.

Who were you talking to on the song “Feeling Myself” on the project Scumbaby?

Peter $un: I wasn’t talking to anybody foreal, it was kind of like some uplifting shit. Maybe subconsciously I wrote it. A roommate of mine had just broken up with his girl. And like he was going through and all of that. So, I think maybe subconsciously I wrote it about that situation like I saw them break up and he was down about it. I was like forget that we have to keep pushing. I create shit like that on accident if you know what I’m saying.

Who came up with the concept for the music video “Work”?

Peter $un: I’m not going to lie that was all Chris Scholar, he was like look we are going to shoot this day and this day. And I was like aight bet. They sent me treatment through his production ByTheBooc, shout out to Chris Scholar and Bevin. I pulled up to the shoot and it was like all day a whole 12-hour shoot. And yeah they came up with the whole idea and they killed it. I just needed to be a good sport, show up, and act.

For any Richmond, VA artist on the come up, what type of advice would give them?

Peter $un: Really just to take the L’ s and keep going foreal. Artists take L’ s and feel like people are not supporting them. People see the stuff even if they aren’t supporting it they definitely see it; you just have to keep going and continue to trust what you believe in and stand on it.

What’s next for you as an artist?

Peter $un: I have another album dropping in the future. I am trying to get it out by next spring. It’s going to be a whole different vibe, I think this is going to be my best work. Also more merch and clothing. And even more production, I will be dropping some b-tape on Band Camp soon so be on the lookout for that.

Down below you can stream Scumbaby (Deluxe)!

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