O.O.A.K aka One of a Kind

His distinct voice quality sets him apart from the rest, and that’s what is enhancing his popularity with each passing day.

Music has a very strong quality that impacts lives and connects people in its own distinct way. The expressions and feelings that it evokes are incomparable and difficult to ignore. Music is an expression of the soul and the positive effect it has on the listeners is truly enhancing. Music artists have a big role in bringing forth the right kind of work that impresses and strikes the right chord with the listeners. Amongst the new breed of singers there is one name who has taken the craft to the next level, he is O.O.A.K, better known as One of a Kind.

This upcoming talent has given some amazing pieces of music at the start of his career, which has undoubtedly assured his position amongst the established singers of present times. Every composition of his is created with the aim of enriching the listener’s experience, and that’s what sets him apart from his contemporaries in a big way. He started shaping his music career right from the time he was young as he was introduced to the world of music early, participating in events where he got to showcase his singing talent getting much appreciation from people which boosted his confidence and pushed him to aim for much more which would enhance his career prospects.

Having spent a good amount of time around the music sphere, honing his skills and emerging as one of the best voices of present times, O.O.A.K is now all set to present his upcoming album which showcases his versatility through different genres that he has attempted through it. He says that he wants to make sure his music is understood beyond just mere translation, and aims at creating a deep impact by leaving a distinct mark in the hearts of listeners through his art.

To know more about him, follow him on www.instagram.com/michaelpulley.

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