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Music Industry Highlight: Trust’N, Wisconsin’s Unsung Hero

Branded as “The Lost Boy,” Christian Anderson, better known as Trust’N, has become an important voice of his generation and the numbers don’t lie. His music tells the story of his life with songs about falling in and out of love, faith, and a journey of self-discovery. He’s known for being transparent with his lyrics, heavily inspired by emotional setbacks and deep-rooted personal issues. “I really only feel like writing a song when I’m deeply inspired,” said Trust’N. “Otherwise I seem to force things onto the page. That’s when I know I need to drop my pen”. 

Trust’N has had a very promising career in his short time as an artist. His chart-topping releases of “Lapse” in 2019 and “Lucy” in 2020, have helped him amass more than 10 million streams across all platforms. While the numbers are already impressive, one might gasp at the fact that the rising artist’s main focus hasn’t been music. One might even argue that Trust’N’s entrepreneurial career is even more impressive. 

For the past year, the Wisconsin talent had been fighting with a former distribution company over his earnings from prior releases. After having his music earnings on hold for months, Trust’N decided it was time to look elsewhere for cash flow. As a senior year college drop out, Trust’N founded Lost Boy Entertainment. The full-service branding agency has boasted helping thousands of clients reach their goals. It serves as a pioneer in their industry, boasting the ability to make unrealistic thoughts come to life. “We offer so many vital things every artist needs,” said Trust’N. At this point, we are even doing full rollouts. My whole promo plan for “Lucy” was done in-house. We have the tools and are willing to share them with the right people who need them.”

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Aspiring journalist and music influencer from the Carolinas. Twitter: @malc2global

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