Moneá Serves Positive Reassurance With “Universe “

Moneá, singer-songwriter and creative out of Richmond, Va is bringing the positive vibes out with “Universe”. There are just some artists that you listen to because they take you out of reality. Moneá is definitely one of those special creators that will take you on a awakened journey from top to bottom. Monea’s aura through her music and visual interpretations of life is something that just can’t be duplicated.

The Message

Within the joyous and soulful music from the cords to the melody, there are some hidden gems when it comes to Moneá’s lyrics. The lyric ” I’m a rocket, and it’s running out of fume, but I got things to do; manifest my dreams in the hope they come true”. The ambition and optimism are qualities that are very evident within this single. When listening to the lyrics it’s like we are all tuning into her very intimate conversation with the universe and how that translates to life from the sun to the moon. The whole concept of the song is unordinary yet brilliant. From the song itself to the visual presentation Moneá has let everyone into her life in a very eccentric way.

Another beautiful part of the music video “Universe” is how Moneá was able to capture Richmond, VA in ways it simply hasn’t been. From the initial scene in Jefferson park to the vivid streets of downtown RVA. The music video is another reassurance in itself of hold creatively advanced Moneá is. Alongside with Sergio M. Lorenzana the videographer for the visual.

If I could describe “Universe” in one word, it would be delightful. With the messages, visuals, and overall ambiance that the single gives off. Moneá will definately be an artist to look out for if the music continues to be this noteworthy.

Down below you can stream “Universe” by Moneá!

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