Meet Eloghosa Ogbemudia, the Young Producer Making His Mark

Born in London, United Kingdom, Eloghosa Ogbemudia is one of these dedicated, hardworking, and inventive musicians. Music has been part of his life from a young age. Though some doubted his musical talent, Eloghosa has proved to be a passionate artist who dreams of making a mark in the music scene. Identifying a distinct music sound that resounds with his personality and style was his major challenge, which was perhaps a reason many doubted him.

“Well, I have had a long story as to how I started. People at my school were doubting me, laughing, etc. However I still stuck to my plan and believed in my potential,” says Eloghosa.

Though the COVID pandemic dealt a significant setback to many, it was a blessing in disguise for Eloghosa. It was during this time that he reignited his passion for music. He spent many hours at home trying to discover more about the music scene. The experience sparked a profound interest in music production, a course that proved to be his calling.

“I took that time to focus on myself and build up my integrity and morale. This helped me create my music, as my music is nothing you can find anywhere else. It has a proprietary story behind it, and it’s perfect for others to relate to,” says Eloghosa.

What started as leisure quickly scaled into a deep passion, and in no time, Eloghosa started creating beats using simple software such as FL Studio. His innate talent allowed him to swiftly master the art of music production, enabling him to create non-mainstream beats. His outstanding musical performance made him a household name in his hometown. At the same time, he completed his schoolwork and became one of the smartest students in his class. He was also awarded the “best student of his class award” while still enjoying his free time and working hard to create music like a perfectionist.

Additionally, Eloghosa is notable for his electronic hip-hop tracks, which he strives to make authentic and unique. “Meyham”, his new album, is taking over the airwaves and gaining thousands of streams across various streaming platforms. “Meyham” is a special album that shares more about the recovery from COVID-19. Eloghosa also takes pride in having over 1000 plays on the first day of the “Diamond” release.

Eloghosa now believes that no one should ever give up on their dreams. Never listen to the naysayers as they always have the most to say, but never anything to do. They might be more successful than you or have more attention, but nobody will work harder than you. Remember, it’s your dream, and you are the one to bring it to life.

In a few years, Eloghosa wants to attend college to hone his music knowledge. He wants to focus more on studying sound, music, computer science, and engineering. The goal is to establish a solid foundation and create an artificial intelligence (AI) that can provide people with sick beats. Eloghosa’s goal is not to be famous or at the top of the industry but to be the best in whatever he chooses.

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