“My Way” or The Highway: Get To Know R&B’s Newest Veteran Roe

R&B newest veteran Roe is true to the game, not new to it. Her pen has been behind some music’s biggest names and chart topping hits for years.

The Venice, California native got her start signed to Interscope Records under Macy Gray’s label. As that deal came to a close she began to join in on the sessions of Tricky and Laney Stewart; mega-producers who are responsible for hits like Rihana’s “Umbrella” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” As their demo singer, Roe developed a knack for songwriting. Her natural ability to write left such lasting impression that within months she signed a publishing deal with Universal.

As a result of her abilities, she attracted a growing list of clientele including artists like Mary J. Blige, Usher, and Teyana Taylor. Despite writing for others, Roe still dedicated time to her personal music journey and defining her sound. Her nearly decade-long unorthodox career as she describes, has consisted of writing hits, focusing on motherhood, and developing her own project.

Finally, the world got to hear the years of preparation and patience with her first EP, “My Way” released in 2020.The seven-track project includes fan favorites such as “Fool For You” and “Baby.”

Certainly, Roe has flourished behind the scenes, but it’s clear she’s ready to make noise and take center stage. I caught up with her and got the chance to know more about her start and how she wants her music to make an impact.

Check out our conversation below!

I’m sure artists get an influx of people that want to write for them everyday. How did you initially get your foot in the door to start working with big names?

I did have to prove myself a little bit to my actual publishing company. My first placement ever was on Sevyn Streeter, it was a record called “Translation.” I have a lot of friends who are producers just after moving around and late nights in the studio. You meet different people, you guys work together, and you build relationships. My second one [placement] was for the TV show “Star”on Fox. After that my label, Universal, just started putting me in with different artists and those artists kept calling me back. Word gets around and next thing you know you’re in the studio with Mary J. Blige and the City Girls.

Who has been your most memorable studio session?

Mary J. Blige. She’s the only person that can get me to drink Tequlia. Ever. She loves Casamigos. The vibe was crazy.You’re not expecting such an icon to be so welcoming and warm and to really sit down and write a record with you. So for me, that was iconic and just how sweet she was.

Currently you’re taking things upon yourself and putting yourself on center stage.Do you feel that there’s more pressure to exceed expectations because you’ve been writing for so many other people?

No, because honestly I was already working on my EP for years. In the middle of recording for them, I was working so I was prepared. By the time my music was out my EP was already done so I had already did the work. I just have fun with it. I do what feels good to me. The good thing about my journey is that I’ve had time to really know what my intuition is telling me. As long as I have that, I know I can trust that and I’m good.

What was your thought process for creating the concept for this EP?

I’m a huge Frank Sinatra fan and one of my favorite songs that he did was “My Way.” My whole process has been unorthodox…When I was signed to Macy Gray, we didn’t know what to do with me. I didn’t have a sound. I didn’t have a direction. So after just writing and figuring out who I am as a woman and what I want to say, I picked out all my records. I had people that had strong opinions about my records like, “oh I don’t know if the playlists are going to like this or like that.” I was just like, look this is it, this is what I’m doing and I’m glad that I did.

What do you hope for people to gain once they listen to the project?

I would hope that they’re like; you know what, I really want to hang out with this girl. I want to go where she goes, I want to eat where she eats, just like sit with me at the end of the day. I like to have fun, I like to get fly. I’m a fancy girl, I love diamonds and champagne and I just really wanted people to capture that vibe. So when a woman wants to feel sexy when she’s getting ready, or going to see her dude, or going through it in a relationship, I want to be there for each of those moments and help you through whatever it is that you’re getting ready for.

Stream Roe’s latest project “My Way” below!

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