“Out of Love” – DJ Shortkutz’s New Single Now a Hit

The advent of social media platforms has gifted the world with some gems in the music

industry. The debut single of DJ Shortkutz, "Out of Love", proves that the music industry

has a new addition to the list of promising artists. Although Shortkutz has been in the

industry for over two decades DJing at top venues across NYC, his debut single as an

independent artist has added a new dimension to his career.

DJ Shortkutz is an Italian American DJ who has been storming the music scene and live

shows and events for over 20 years. He has worked with celebrities like Rihanna,

Tiesto, Drake, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and many more. DJ Shortkutz has also

performed for popular brands like MTV, ABC, Grey Goose, ESPN, and Valentino and at

top clubbing venues like Tao, Marquee, Up & Down, 10AK, and Lavo. He has also

toured internationally, performing at famous events in countries like Mexico, Panama,

Japan, Bahamas, South Africa, Dubai, China, and throughout the Caribbean.

“Out of Love” is DJ Shortkutz's debut single that has been well-received by audiences

across all digital platforms. The song earned over 100K views within the first couple of

months of its release on YouTube. It has also scaled up DJ Shortkutz’s average

monthly listener base to over 12K on Spotify. The song’s electrifying energy makes it a

sizzling party score. Additionally, DJ Shortkutz shot the entire video in exotic locations,

which further added to the popularity of “Out of Love” as a music video.

DJ Shortkutz wants to continue his trail of success following “Out of Love”. He has more

exciting projects in the pipeline for his fans and also wants to travel the world taking his

music to more people.

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