Mr. Jay Hill Drops Off New Jay Hill Conversation Featuring Chino Braxton

Making major noise within the media realm is none other than DMV driven talent, Mr. Jay Hill. Delivering nothing but the trendiest topics and trailblazing talent on his hit show, The Jay Hill Network, he produces high-end media for the masses. As a result, Mr. Jay Hill is quickly establishing himself as a household name and force to be reckoned with! 

His content is captivating with an accompanying structure that matches his innovation. In fact, The Jay Hill Network includes a variety of popular productions with a target of diversity in demographics. The network is a compilation of content with sizzling series and shows like Let’s Get This Straight, No GhostWriter, The Gemini Scorpio Podcast, and more! 

Welcome To The Jay Hill Network

The industry’s hottest talent and stars including Deetranada, Jacob Latimore, Sada Baby, amongst others have made appearances on his interview series Lets Get This Straight. While his famed freestyle show, ‘No GhostWriter’, continues to rack up millions of views online with star-studded performances by Shordie Shordie, Tay Rock, and others. Next, talk series and social media favorite ‘The Gemini Scorpio Podcast‘ has accumulated over 30 million impressions across all social media channels and counting. Eager to pave the way for aspiring artists and climbing creatives alike, the Maryland mogul continues to set the tone and himself apart from other content creators. Additionally, without the assistance of any major distributors, he has secured several sponsorships and collaborations.

Recently, professional dirt bike rider Chino Braxton rode through the Jay Hill Network to chop it up. Next, the two go on to talk all things Bike Life. Focusing on its future and his plans of a new Bike league to the streets and passing of Lor Scoota. Highlighting those conversations, the two talk about other topics as well including fame and downplaying celebrity statuses. Overall, Jay and Chino left no topic untouched! Furthermore, as a pioneer pushing the movement forward, Braxton aspires to create a sport in which bike riders like him can thrive. Crediting Meek Mill as his mentor, he transformed a trail of terrible circumstances into an innovative and lucrative brand. 

Keeping fans and viewers on their toes, stay up on what’s next for this multifaceted media maven! Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for all things Mr. Jay Hill. Connect with him further for what’s next as his media moves always come as a mystery! For now, press play on his latest interview featuring Chino! Lastly, let us know what you think about their interview! 


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