Meet The Charting Memphis Artist, C Mayja

Memphis-raised artist C Mayja says Memphis is at an all-time high time right now. The R&B singer moved to Dallas and built up a local name with MMA before jumping back to his musical roots. He used to be seen representing his hometown during his walkouts for his fights wearing a Memphis Tigers jersey. He spent a decade inside the cage as an MMA fighter with a decent .500 record and fought many current and former UFC and Bellator fighters along the way. However, after a while, he no longer had the fire and fell back in love with his first love. Music.

His Memphis upbringing put instruments in his hand as a child, so it came very organically to him. He says now more than ever is the time to release music as an artist with Memphis in his blood. “Memphis is definitely on the center stage right now. So many artists out right now that are hot are from the M,” says the multi-talented artist.

C Mayja recently released his debut album ‘Love Wars vol. 1’ and his single “Better Than Me” ft. Loudpak charted on Vevaplay’s Top 50. The rapper recently stated “I want to broaden the horizon with the Memphis music scene. It’s the home of the blues. We have so many talented singers there, not just rappers. I hope that I can be one of the positive lights from my hometown that people can be inspired by and keep going to the finish line. We get what we work for not what we wish for. It may not happen overnight but as long as you keep going forward, the finish line gets closer.”

C Mayja is making a name with his seductive vocals and catchy lyrics. He says the next album will be even better, with a song featuring Finesse2tymes that he says is unique. “I plan to stay active and be around for a while.” Whether it’s making music or acting, C Mayja says he is always gonna represent where he spent the majority of his life. “Memphis is unique. No other place is like it. There’s more good than bad but you hear more about the bad. The music scene is shining a positive light on Memphis right now. I feel like it’s just the beginning. I’m gonna make sure I contribute to the good gossip!“

Instagram: @big_mayja

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