DaShean Porter Drops “Pretty Little Thang”

Atlanta’s DaShean Porter Has A Soulful Voice

DaShean hits smooth notes in single “Pretty Little Thang” that hits the heart differently. Originally from South Carolina and residing in the A, Porter clearly has seen it all. Vibish and nostalgic, Porter mixes the best of the 90s and current age to procure good music.

The visual gives viewers thoughts of being with their lover at a nice picnic and just seeing the son set. Infatuated by a “Pretty Little Thang,” DaShean loves his girl proudly.

Proceeding this single is his latest track “The One” which takes DaShean in a more scenic route. However. both singles share a common theme, love. Porter tackles the feelings of chemistry between two lovers; and can it exist in the current era?

A more existential question wondered by millennials nowadays with social media showing relationship issues all over. Porter, with both tracks, adds his piece to what might be the answer. Using various forms of solid communication alas music as a medium to procure cohesion between people.

Artists such as DaShean might help find answers. Regardless, he has a good voice; and should be an artist to look out for in 2022. Add “Pretty Little Thang” and “The One’ to your daily rotation via your favorite DSP. The official video for “Pretty Little Thang” is on Youtube.

Finally catch some vibes and play you some good R&B below!

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