Chef Rambo Just Can’t Stop Cooking Up!

Chef Rambo just won’t stop cooking and we’re loving the taste! Montreal native Chef Rambo is ensuring the validation of his stage name. This isn’t your regular Chef, he cooks differently. Since the age of 9 years old, Chef Rambo was already invested in the creative process. At age 17, Taheim Small – now (Chef Rambo) had abandoned his home in Ontario, returning to the city of Montreal in order to continue creating music with his associates. This step arose from family and close figures denying the possibility of success within the rap industry. The artist had no choice but to use his hardships as fuel to further proceed with what no one else believed in. He is now on an unexpected rise to superstardom and we wouldn’t advise trying to stop him.

Following the release of N.Y.L.R, Chef Rambo has become an elusive Rap gem. The project is an eight song assemblage of powerful implications and reconciled viewpoints. We’re taken through a prolific abyss of non discovered cadences. On the project we’re also re-introduced to some familiar entities including global pop artist: Nate Husser. N.Y.L.R contains many genre turns and fluctuations to appeal to numerous music lovers. The project seems to have been produced to fit every style and or preference that threatens its integrity. The project was nothing less than astonishing in the eyes of true music lovers. He’s also dropped off a new single just days ago entitled “Bathing Ape” continuing his streak of simple diversity.

While Chef Rambo is still fresh in the field, we’d love to see him work with more mainstream artists. It seems he’s learned his cadence and isn’t going to give it up so easily. There’s a lack of creativity within many, we’re hoping Chef Rambo can change the ideology of music as well as the expectations and obligations endlessly put on rappers. The new generation of Rap is here and he’s already caught up! — “Not your local rapper” and “Bathing Ape” available now on all platforms.

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