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Travy Nostra returns with a chilling new EP “Drugs Don’t Work”

Over the past few months, there’s been a major change in sound when it comes to the Maryland artist Travy Nostra – highlighted by his latest release in particular titled “Drugs Don’t Work.” This week we got the chance to speak with Travy about his new project. It’s been gaining quite the buzz, and has received positive feedback thus far. 

Travy goes on to tell us how the title came about, and why it’s so meaningful to him. “This summer wasn’t one of the happy, live your best life summers for me. It was actually the exact opposite forreal, I was going through a break up and I was also dealing with a lot of emotional stress regarding family issues, death amongst my peers & health issues. I tried to cope with all this by using drugs. Shit, even drugs I said I’d never use like percs and lean. It got to a point where I was so depressed all I did was smoke and pop percs and make music,  I felt like I was a dead soul for a long time. One day I woke up like damn these drugs don’t even work. I’m just killing myself, you feel me..” It’s evident his music resonates and it isn’t hard to gravitate to. 

Travy hints us that we should be expecting a visual from the project in the next few weeks. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what the versatile Maryland artist has in store for us in the 4th quarter. Stream “Drugs Don’t Work” on all platforms.

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