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Tee Grizzley Finds His Voice Again with Scriptures

Tee Grizzley - Scriptures Album Art

Last Friday, Tee Grizzley released his third studio album, Scriptures, and leaked news about the video game by the same title. The release comes more than a year after his star-studded sophomore album, Activated, which received mixed reviews.

In a Power 106 interview, he talked about how working with Timbaland on the project motivated him to evolve. During a studio session with Kanye in Miami, Grizzley connected with Timbo and they decided to make an album together. “I’ve gotta really elevate on this motherfucker,” he said. “There had been a couple of times where he had to tell me, ‘Nah, you’ve gotta do something else.’ And then I’d do something else, and he’d be like, ‘Yeah, that’s it.’ So it was a learning process…”

Much of Scriptures’ buzz focuses on the fourth track, titled “No Talkin”. The internet erupted in excitement over the verse that seems to directly call on Eminem.

“I run Detroit/Niggas talkin bout Eminem/Talking that shit, I kill you, him, and him (Yeah)/I made a M, then I made a M again, slow down/Check that score nigga, blowout.”

Excerpt from “No Talkin”, the fourth track on Tee Grizzley’s third studio album, Scriptures. Tee Grizzley calls Eminem out by name.

Although he directly addresses the Grammy and Oscar-winning artist, Tee Grizzley doesn’t offer malicious disrespect, as drama bots would suggest. The mention reads as an ingemination of his deep relationship with life in Detroit, in spite of the inevitable, pointless comparisons to Eminem. A third studio album is the perfect space to quietly approach that potential rap beef.

On his last project, critics slammed Grizzley for unsuccessfully merging his intrinsic rawness with commercial appeal. Activated seemed to flaunt its feature-heavy track list as a sort of access badge to more commercial success. Scriptures, however, loses the travel companions, for the most part, and refocuses on Grizzley’s storytelling.

With this new installation, Tee Grizzley touches a slew of relatable subjects. In “Had To”, he addresses personal irresponsibilities, ranging from fiscal to romantic, against a backdrop of life on the come-up. “Add Me Up” challenges tradition with the idea of misappropriated elder seniority. In “Locked Up” he talks about the hardship he endured in the streets only to lose his so-called friends while locked up. The storytelling is specific and targeted, which tends to inspire more empathetic listening in an audience.

“Sweet Thangs” is the third single from the album following his recent releases “God’s Warrior” and “Locked Up”. Click below to listen to Scriptures, available now on all major platforms.

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