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P.Dot Drops Project “THE SEPARATION”

Once the “uhn” escapes from his lips, P.Dot goes off with rhymes and reason.

As he caters to the highest form of himself, P.Dot keeps in mind that spreading the word is imperative. And so, P.Dot ventures into his gangsta appeal for those who didn’t get the message. By popular demand, he supplies the hip-hop scene with what it needs. Through means of realness, P.Dot claps back at clout chasers and weeds out the fakes (while sprinkling some of that greenery in a wrap of course). Likewise, he opens up to soundscapes about the hard-knock life.

Although his days might be numbered, P.Dot still makes them count. Overall, P.Dot uses an impressive way of thinking in witty punchlines, grit and worldly advice. Thus, creating that “shock-and-awe” effect throughout the listen. Although some try throwing shade, the MC doesn’t let it interfere with his light.

As mentioned in Part 101 of his weekly segment, #BARSFROMTHECAR, P.Dot remains solid and never folds because it’s easy to bend. “Class is in session, you ain’t dealing with a substitute.“ P.Dot adds.

P.Dot’s latest album, THE SEPARATION stresses others to find the silver lining in every scenario. At times reflective, each track serves as an outlet. Essentially, the album’s theme revolves around betrayal, loss, and even love. But in turn, THE SEPARATION encourages others to work on themselves rather than dwell on another’s actions.

Thanks to the album’s dark, eerie soundscape P.Dot is able to strike fear into his enemies. Likewise, P.Dot also uses clever ties when facing a partly sampled beat. For instance, the intro “50//50” uses a snippet of Drake’s production in “Free Smoke”. Taking it further, P.Dot says in this phrase “I got pistols for n*ggas that want smoke about it” as a play on “Free Smoke’s” underlying message.

P.Dot comes gully through the speaker about those who clout chase. All he’s focused on the green and staying clear of phonies. On the whole, THE SEPARATION comes loaded with assertive 808’s, rhymes and features who keep the same energy. P.Dot adds “Words were always powerful to me. I learned how and why they affected me. Then, learned how to evoke the same feelings I got from other people’s words into mine.”

With urgency, “LAWD HAVE MERCY” tells the human race to be more attentive. Turning back the hands of time, P.Dot addresses police brutality and racism through cut-throat rhymes. Wails heard in the background help us to feel our people’s pain. Together with drums and an elevating harmony, listeners are struck with fear. Little do they know, African Americans deal with this on a daily basis.

Aside from this, P.Dot pays homage to those who’ve died because of their skin color. He also shows off Black excellence with a subtle flex and even pokes at the brains of others. Ultimately, “LAWD HAVE MERCY” says in mid-phrase that “we may fall down but we still get up.” Just like the emcee’s previous work, “LAWD HAVE MERCY” sanctifies the wicked and nonbelievers. Through a fighter’s spirit, P.Dot projects his voice from start to end. “LAWD HAVE MERCY” grabs discrimination by the horns and stomps on top with anger.

Coupled with a repetitive chant and revved-up base, “THE SEPARATION” proves that P.Dot is only made for greatness. Embodying an unstoppable work grind in this one line “I don’t get tired, really feel like I’m Kevin Gate-ing” he takes the bad with the good. After all, pressure makes diamonds and P.Dot claims what is rightfully his: notoriety.

From the get-go, P.Dot is hesitant to trust. In one line, he even says “Let me battle my own demons, like you’re battling yours.” But “GLORY” comes with no means to offend. Instead, it sheds light on why P.Dot moves the way he does. Off the rip, P.Dot expected for close ones and business partners to keep it real. Unfortunately, though, they tried biting off the hand that fed them. So P.Dot kept himself guarded all the while staying money-oriented and creates one of his more clever lines.

“You been looking real fake, I spot a real snake/I’m getting green in this field with a real rake/A couple n-ggas got bread, I want a real plate/So why beef & kill the cow to get a real steak?/I be “walking on water”, they throwing pennies in it/I work too m’f hard to be penny pinching.“

“BABY BABY BABY” steps in the name of love like its predecessor. As this particular song draws inspiration from Alicia Key’s song “You Don’t Know My Name”, it finds a unique rhythm. Specifically, the roles switch as P.Dot admires a woman who is “a sure thing.” In response to Alicia’s presumptions about her crush knowing who she is, P.Dot plays a bit with her melodic refrain “baby, baby, baby.”

With Keys’ message in mind, P.Dot thinks of his own lover. In retrospect, she’s been holding it down. And so, he insists that he’s not a boo or man. Because of all they’ve dealt with she’s not only a lover but a friend. Besides this, a love-struck P.Dot boasts with glee about her many attributes. To him, everything about her is just so perfect. One line that deserves recognition in “BABY BABY BABY” goes like this: “Couple n*ggas takin’ shots, but nothing Curry bout them.” The song alone proves that loyalty lies within P.Dot indefinitely.

Influenced by his segment, #BARSFROMTHECAR — P.Dot adds more hard bars onto it in “SURVIVAL” feat. Allezy. Beat-wise, this track uses an eerie piano progression and sneaker-knocking base. P.Dot adds notable punchlines like “remain solid, never fold cause it’s easy to bend.” To prove that “class is in session” and that others “ain’t dealing with a substitute.“ Closing it out, Allezy expresses himself through a moving verse. In a few words, this song speaks on seeing the light in the darkest of times.

“WRONG SON” features New Jersey heavy hitters Pressure, KYY and Quis Chandla. Dubbing it a gangster anthem, the trio brings the brash energy through intellectually crafted rhymes and hard cadences. Beat wise, “WRONG SON” uses a heavy bass, sirens, bells, and a faint echo in the background. Notable lines like “No burial for corpses/scheduled to burn/And on his tombstone, here lies another rapper whos a waste of sperm” from Chandla go to prove that they have no time for B.S. “WRONG SON” spooks those who doubt their excellence. They say “If I can shine alone, I can grind alone.”

With deep confliction and a heavy heart, “PERKS DNT NUMB” echoes P. Dot’s intent to succeed whether alone or with company. Although actions speak louder than words, he wishes both would correlate. Preferably, he’d love others to keep it a 100. For now, he’ll weed out all snakes from the Garden State. Likewise, P.Dot makes a point about the music industry and social media frenzied generation. For self recognition, rappers play the numbers game and mock fake sincerity. Lines like ”….but led in the metal for n*ggas tryna erase me,“ take a jab at the retort, “I’m rubber, you’re glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” Overall, the song insinuates that P.Dot is good regardless. To take it home, “PERKS DNT NUMB” adds a faint trumpet progression, hi-hats and snares in it’s soundscape.

Sometimes, people just don’t know what they have until it’s gone. Funnily enough, “PURPLE HEART” embodies that phrase. On opposing sides, the blame goes to a woman who just couldn’t stick around for the long haul. Although he’s angry, a logical P.Dot takes it to the booth. Thus, manifesting bars that come with the wrath. Referring to the title, the rapper says the phrase “PURPLE HEART” is an indication of a real one’s survival. A dark piano progression foreshadows the pain he’s feeling. Likewise, the base comes with a mental sucker-punch and amplifies P.Dot’s not-so playful demeanor.

In “CONCRETE ROSE” P.Dot keeps a fighting spirit. Even though, he’s focused on the present — P.Dot can’t help but wonder if he’ll leave a legacy before the casket drops. Additionally, P.Dot opens up about his fear of dying young. Often, he references his brother’s death but it’s only to show appreciation for life and face the man in the mirror staring back. With no return, P.Dot is “on a marathon until his time is done.”

He prays to be felt before it’s time to go. Truly, he lives and dies by music. The beat leans more towards somber instrumentation. As a whole “CONCRETE ROSE” abides by the common phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Juxtaposed with an upbeat soundscape and remorseful lyrics, “EYE DON’T” featuring D.Eeastwood and Fat Trap speaks on the one that got away. Although he loved his woman immensely, P.Dot admits to not appreciating her enough. Revealing the story behind P.Dot and his love’s split, “EYE DON’T” says, “I got a heart with brick walls & a seal around it/Gave you the finger when you tried to put a ring around it.”

Penultimately, “PROGRESSION” feat. Chevy and Dibasi starts off with a trumpet, hi-hats, a lo-fi synth, and dark piano riff. Besides providing a backdrop of earworthy auto-tune, P.Dot lets the listener hear his inner thoughts. Even though some people can be wishy-washy, P.Dot doesn’t let it phase him. Instead he beats the odds by counting his blessings and focusing on his progress. Like P.Dot, Dibasi and Chevy go in with nothing but real bars. Ultimately, they come with the same inspired energy as the MC.

Last but not least, P.Dot finds himself on the ladder to success and he just can’t afford to miss a step. So, without breaking a leg, he treads precautiously with solid rhymes and reason in “MAKE A DOLLA”. Production-wise, hi-hats bang in. Then, another dark piano riff arises to strike fear into his enemies. Still, the biggest distinguishers of “MAKE A DOLLA’” are the futuristic synths inducing a feeling of good fortune.

If you haven’t already, stream THE SEPARATION now. It is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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