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KVNE is Canada’s Next Pop Star

Canadian artist KVNE has just released his newest album “FWB” short for “Friends with Benefit.” The 6 song album is full of various sounds that will gain an emotional reaction from anybody who listens. It is rare an artist shows so much versatility in such a short project. KVNE’s project takes sounds from the Pop, Dance, and Latin music scenes. His wide-range of influence created an awesome palette for anyone who is lending KVNE an ear for the first time.

After KVNE ended 2019 successfully with major performances opening for Lil Tecca, Madchild, Virginia to Vegas plus achieving over 1.5 Million streams on Spotify with official playlist support and gaining radio traction, all while remaining independent, he should easily be a shoe-in for the American fanbase.

The lead single from the project “Diosa” is produced by Latin hit producer Medylandia, best known as Alex Veli. Veli & KVNE collaborated to create a song that came from the word “Diosa” meaning goddess, when it came to KVNE’s mind the creative juices started flowing resulting with this Latin flavored hit.

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