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Grip Rolls Out PROBOSCIDEA: His 2nd EP of 2020

Proboscidea? What the halo does that even mean? Allow Grip to explain.

Following his 2019 concept album Snubnose and standout EP HALO earlier this year, Atlanta’s unconventional lyricist Grip touches down with PROBOSCIDEA. The 6-track project feels like the latter half of a one-two punch to the gut of mainstream rap. He told me in an April conversation that HALO was the product of just 2 weeks with producer Tu! (who I now believe is superhuman). It seems incredible that PROBOSCIDEA could have been created in a similar time frame, but I wouldn’t put it past the power duo that’s “gotta finish what [they] started together”. And the fact that Grip can levitate in the studio.

The intro track “ART FOR PENNIES” is an obvious jab at the financial state of the music industry. Listeners should understand why the project is only available on Grip’s Bandcamp for the time being after hearing this one.

“GRIP 3:16” features fellow Atlanta rappers Kenny Mason and JID, a collaboration rap fans have been salivating for. Grip uses the word “Proboscidea” for those still unsure how to pronounce it. And Kenny delivers one of the standout bars of the EP.

"It's challenging finding one evenly matched with him/ better be JID or Grip/ you look jittery, get a grip"

Plenty of Twitter users have pressured the trio to collaborate over the past year. However, this song shows them seamlessly passing the baton to each other proving pressure escaped their collective vocabulary. Or, rather, they escape their pressures by using their vocabulary.

“Proboscidea” is defined as “an order of large mammals that comprises the elephants and their extinct relatives.” The classic “elephant in the room” idiom came to mind before listening to what Grip had to say, but the title’s true meaning lies in the sonic flesh of the 15-minute experience. Get to know Grip before it’s too late. Something tells me there could be another EP on the horizon.

Stream PROBOSCIDEA now, only on Bandcamp:

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