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A Look at C.I.C’s elaborate EP ‘What The Universe Fears’

The best music experiences are often when you feel an artist is talking directly to you. For What The Universe Fears by C.I.C (Cooksson’s Innerchain), this project is a 20-minute discussion of who he is and what he has been through. Over the course of seven tracks, he touches on his dual personalities, his experiences within the industry (good and bad) and having larger than life plans.

The project is labeled as alternative rap, and I would agree. C.I.C plays around with many different flows that wouldn’t be thought of in the scope of standard rap, but we know the genre has been changing over time. He embraces his singing voice in addition to being full on hard. Standout tracks for me would be “50/50” and “F**k Up the World.” C.I.C surely does render some nostalgia in embracing Hip-Hop’s elder elements, but make no mistake he brings fresh new energy and sound with pop sound and even some electronic.

“F**k Up the World” is special as its the name of his last EP, and a play on JAY-Z‘s song of the same name. In addition, when the initials are reversed they spell out the initial of this project, What The Universe Fears. “Switch,” the album opener, is him showing Cooksson to be the good guy and Innerchain the introvert who stays on the grind. The recent death of a close personal friend has pushed C.I.C to work harder than ever. He’s got more than himself to succeed for.

A worthwhile listen for sure. Brief, but powerful. He’s already got more coming so surely get into this project but don’t get too comfortable. After all, he’s trying to fuck up the world.

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