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Indie Spotlight

Tony Black Is “Somewhere In Between” In Life


Tony is not your regular indie artist

Tony Black is empowered by the likes of Kanye West and Kid Cudi with a splash of 80s/90s nostalgia. Creative song content and fun wordplay showcase Black’s potential when it comes to tapping in with multiple audiences. With the releases of his latest project ‘Somewhere In Between,”‘ I got to get a one on one with the burgeoning California star.

Stemming off his last release, ‘Happy AF,’ Tony Black wanted this drop to show how much he has grown as an artist for the years. It’s a full-blown in depth look at the maturity of Tony Black. Not just the music but the rollout; one good example is the ‘Black Series’  on his YouTube. It’s shot in the style of the successful ESPN 30 For 30; fans and new people tuning into Black will get a look into the making of his LP. 

The Mid twenty somethings matured Black positively

He is as coming of age, especially compared to how ‘Somewhere In Between’ was made. During ‘Happy AF,’ Tony was going through life issues and by the end of the project; the meaning of it was getting less meaningful. Look at is as in escape from his pain. His new release continues off ‘Happy AF’ in a more complex and positive manner.

Progressively through ‘Happy AF,’ with every song and skit, the content becomes less meaningful because I was not all the way there in mind. I didn’t want to think about the relationship and life issues I was going through. ‘Somewhere In between’ picks up right after. It’s me showing that I’m in between tackling my problems head-on and offering youthful resistance. I feel that anybody in their mid twenty-somethings can relate to the awakening I’ve been through.

Tony Black
“Somewhere In Between,’ is not only music but a life lesson,” according to Black. “When you go through issues, yes heal but learn to progress your life. When you dwell on shit, it holds you back on being your best you.

Deep and powerful words were coming from Tony. As a current millennial, I can relate. As he goes over in his project, we can feel unloved, heartbroken, or slept on, but we keep going. We keep going in pursuit of a better life, and Black does a great job of it in ‘Somewhere In between.’ 

The discography is a groovy mixture of lyricism and modern production. Tony might have an 80s soul in a 2021 young man. Tracks such as “Waterfalls” or “Everything” are nostalgic takes on familiar themes of love and lust. “Groovy Freestyle,”  “Spaceships,” and other tracks are modern productions done for diversity and hunger purposes. Both, however, unlike ‘Happy AF,’ don’t lose meaning for Black.

Pain is not a hindrance but a empowering tool

Tony Black wants people to see all of him and not only the best but also the worst. It’s a saying that pain produces classic music and black sure knows how to do that. He’s relatable and enjoyable to listen to, a winning combination.

Making a quality project such as ‘Somewhere In Between’  during a pandemic is impressive. Adding his personal twist on lyricism is always welcomed in my books. Other fun facts about Tony Black is his love for nice shoes and simple clothing styles. He does that to make his Yeezy and Jordans pop a little cooler! Also, he loves taking trips to tune out life and write dope music.

Tune in Tony Black and ‘Somewhere In Between,’ it’s a journey down the millennial lane!

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