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Indie Spotlight

Suso FW taking Storm In 2021

Audio mixing involves learning lots of techniques on how to extract tracks,
compile them with beats, and producing a final tune that people love. It takes
years to master vocals and learn audio mixing.

Many veterans say that it took them more than a decade to master the art of mixing audios and implement them in their songs. But Suso FW, the singer of the hit song, “Lonesome,” managed to do these things before turning 20.

According to many artists, it’s a remarkable achievement and he has a bright musical career in front of him. Suso FW got acquainted with hip-hop and rap songs from a young age. He often listened to Drake’s songs and would sing them whenever he took a break from his studies.

But Suso FW understood from a young age that if he wanted to become
successful in the music industry, listening to songs won’t be enough. That led him
to learn about audio mixing. Audio mixing became a hobby for him. He would use
tracks from various artists like Chris Brown, Vybz Kartel, Big Pun, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Drake and mix them in his audio workstation. Since he could do
everything on the computer, he didn’t have to buy anything using his parents’

Suso FW never backs away from experimenting with audio mixing. He usually uses
a band mix template to create new tunes.

The “Lonesome” singer is confident that his fans would love his next song.
Although he doesn’t want to reveal anything about the music, his confidence
speaks volumes about his following track’s expectations.

Listen twice, speak once ..

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