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Indie Spotlight

Sig H.B. Has Lived A Life Few Dare To Dream


The Suite Life Of Sig H.B., the man related everybody and somebody who travels the world doing what he loves

Sig H.B. is one of the most interesting people I have every had a conversation with. First he’s Zaytoven’s cousin and Saweetie’s uncle, bruh what!? That’s really dope considering music is already in his blood naturally. Two, he sang the hook for Gucci’s and Jeezy’s “So Icy,” yes damn. Third, he worked with Nicki and got a “boy you can sing!”

Add in he came up during the infamous Gucci’s basement era and is apart of Kanye’s choir, H.B. might be the most interesting man in music currently. Literally, he’s been a staple in modern music. You think somebody with this resume would be a little conceited, Sig is totally humble. Add in that’s he related to multiple football players and you got a good mix of dang he’s tapped in! No pun intended with the Saweetie relation.

From the Bay area of North California and raised in Atlanta, Sig H.B. is your artist’s favorite artist. Being introduced to Gucci was the icing on the cake to help break him in. Without going to deep into this, he worked with the trap legend on a few of his projects assisting with vocals but he’s his own artist so I want to describe that a bit more.

He is his own person and below is why you should keep him on your radar for 2021

No regular artist can be awarded those type of luxuries with that type of talent and in 2021, Sig means to explore it fully his entire artistry. I’m mean he’s probably the hood’s favorite “sing that book boy!” artist for a reason. His niche is Trap R&B and that makes sense considering he lineage.

Coming up in the mixtape era, Sig H.B. released two mixtapes: “Listen Up” & “Trap & RnB.” His music began to be staple in the streets and in 2015; H.B. dropped “Trap & RnB 2,” shortly after relocating to Los Angeles.

Sig implores his smooth and effortless 90s style vocals that combine well the blends well modern production. His sound is similar to smoking a cigar on a nice sunday afternoon while having shots of quality tequila. Yes Sig is GQ smooth with music and these two singles are good examples, “You Deserve” and “My Heart” produced by Zaytoven.

Embracing change is the name of the game and this guy just got that juice!

Zay’s signature trapped out production meshes perfected with singer’s voice which really encapsulates Trap R&B. While the the most interesting singer in the world can give listeners a Jodeci vibe vocally, his beat selection can put you in a 2021 Atlanta strip club mentally and that’s impressive versatility.

He’s not an “old head” when it comes to embracing the current sound, Sig enjoys the evolution of music. To him it amazes him to see how technology can make newer artists jobs so much easier to break hit records. He helped Saweetie a bit to break into the industry so him learning from her; about how to market your brand and likeliness’ is only fitting.

Most veterans in music would be stubborn to this change but Sig has always been an open book to learn and to grow as a artist regardless of age. He has an IT factor to him, a certain one that keeps him on his toes. From staying in the gym, working in the studio to develop his sound daily, and to hitting the stores to drip in designer, Sig looks to grow everyday; in some shape or form.

With new music set to drop and youthful energy, Sig H.B. is indeed an artist to add to your daily rotation. Below are singles to pick from to assist those efforts. He’s a gem set to shine worldwide very soon!

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