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Michael Anthony Breaks Down His Role With Yung Bleu

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony is the Owner of the management company MA Management. He is most notably the manager for singer and rapper Yung Bleu. Moreover, he is sending ripples throughout the music industry with his management style. Also, his passion for music. When a music executive has a passion for the craft, it shows, and his role as a manager was the organic product of a genuine relationship with his artists as well as his dedication and devotion to music and its business. 

While Michael Anthony now manages other artists including Memphis-based rapper Finesse2tymes, his launch into the world of music management began with Yung Bleu. Both from Mobile, Alabama, Michael Anthony and Yung Bleu first met through another friend from the city, who urged Michael to invest in Yung Bleu’s career. “He was like, ‘You need to invest in this dude from the city, he hard,’” Michael recalls. “I heard one song called ‘Lost Without You’, and that was the beginning.”

Michael Anthony Shares The Ins & Outs Of His Role

Michael Anthony always had a passion for music, though he never expected to be a part of the music business. So is the case for many artist managers— it’s a matter of falling into it. But with the position comes a number of responsibilities. According to Michael, those responsibilities are involved with a little bit of everything, making sure all matters of business are handled efficiently and effectively. For aspiring music managers and those aiming to find a role in the music industry, Michael Anthony emphasizes the importance of hard work. “To be successful in anything, you’ve got to work hard and never give up,” he asserts. The same goes for artists looking to get their first big break. “I look for artists that nobody’s checking for and [are] super talented in their own way,” he says. For Michael Anthony, it’s all about passion, talent, and drive. 

Now, Michael Anthony is continuing to center his and his team’s goals and priorities. He is currently planning and mapping out Yung Bleu’s “Moon Boy” tour, and as all things in management, it comes with work. But with passion, that work is worth it. “[It’s] been crazy, especially dealing with COVID,” he says. “But for the most part, it’s been fun and exciting.” 

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