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Indie Spotlight

MAJVR Rising Up in 2021

Chantel Wiggins professionally known as MAJVR (pronounced MAJOR) is a passionate and experienced hip-hop artist, producer, and engineer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, MAJVR brings the sound of her hometown in her music with genres of lo-fi, gangsta rap, west coast rap, and jazz in steady rotation. MAJVR has a strong artistic background: she went to performing arts schools her entire life with theater and music being of interest. She learned the ropes from her colleagues at UCLA where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Theater. After graduation, on top of looking for a stable job, she always made time for her music. She currently continues to put music at the forefront of her life and excel in the field of hip-hop music.

Make sure to listen to MAJVR’s latest release.

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IG: @Neil_Keshan

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