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Law might be The Next Lady of music to blow!


Law wants women to know they got a new future voice to speak for them!

Law, the musician and model from Jersey presents a unique case for music today. Her talents with the mic in her hands belting out tunes is great. However, add in the ability to dance and play instruments put LAW in a league of her own.

The new singer making buzz, Law, has been dubbed “Queen of the Besties;” after dropping her hot girl bop “Over It.” The song captivated women from all across the world, gaining her over 1 million followers on her TikTok channel and spilling over into her Instagram; where she’s at over 130k new fans.

The song is catchy, which makes listeners want to dance, and the message empowers the ladies or anyone who’s just tired and fed up or just simply “Over It.” Law has left her listeners salivating, wanting more. Watch as this singing sensation makes her imprint on the industry because she isn’t going to be no one’s “Controller,” and she ain’t going to be with no “Liar.” Law comes down to one thing and one thing only, Ladies Always Win!

She had a unique perspective over her latest single and we had a few words to discuss it.

I love being a voice for women the the world, especially black women. Society tends to always wants to control us and I want us to stand firm against that. We are beautiful and magic. I love that my love for music gives me the platform to really speak my mind and to give us women a voice.

LAW on the purposes behind her music and her latest single “Controller.”

To me, her story has just begun. While she’s dropping great music and has built a following with various social media ploys along with photoshoots to notable brands such as Fender and Sprayground, she has more in store. To us who are behind the scenes, it strategy but to a creative genius like Law it’s so much more.

“Why yes, the music industry can be very gimmicky and machine driven, the best of artist usually drop when they drop because they get played regardless,” Law said. “Look at Beyonce, Rihanna, Sade, Prince, Nicki Minaj, H.E.R., Kendrick, etc…. Throughout the years they have dropped to their own schedule and always chart highly.”

“One thing they all have in common is the quality of music is always there. You can fabricate talent and I’m happy to say that my combination of talent long with adaptability to modern social media trends might have me lasting for awhile in today’s entertainment business. I’m uncompromising and built to last for a long time along with a good one!

Law in longevity in music today and being herself.

From the tone of her voice to the beauty of her looks, Law scream future star. Add in an incredible and wholesome personality, she can go further than most musicians today. To put it simply, Law is special by all accounts. To get a sample of what she can provide your ears, eyes, and hearts, check out her latest visual below.

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