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Darrell Kelley Activist Is A Flag Bearer of Racial Justice

Darrell Kelley is protesting the police force against two young black brothers in Rock Hill, South Carolina. On June 23, 2021, Ricky and Travis Price were apprehended at a gas station in Rock Hill. 

The leg of one of the Price brothers was fractured.

Darrell Kelley is urging Hollywood black entertainers to speak out against the controversial arrests by the police in the United States. Activist Darrell Kelley believes that America has insufficient support to combat racism, police brutality, and structural racism.

Darrell Kelley: An activist

Darrell Kelley has spoken out against police brutality. If you’ve ever heard Darrell sing, you’ll know that he’s addressed this topic in many songs, including Police Brutality and Systematic Racism.

He’s known for writing songs about social topics that are currently vying for our attention. Among the songs that have become international hits are why lie on Queen, Wasn’t Justified, Ronald Greene, Black Wall Street, Be vital, Coronavirus, and a host of others.

Flag bearer of Racial Justice

Darrell had intended to release “Get Your Knees Off Our Necks!!!” as a compilation of new and previously published songs devoted to racial justice. Still, he had initially planned to release it without a piece with that title.

A few years ago, he regularly wrote love songs about girls, but since then, he has been composing and singing so many BLM-themed songs based on the constant deluge of events. He even secured a record deal with a significant company, promising to provide 15 new songs.

But, no matter how hard he tried, the weight of the planet – and the voices of the dead – was too much for him to bear, and he admitted to his engineer that he wasn’t feeling it. He still needed to make additional recordings for the cause.

Superstar Darrell Kelley

Darrell chatted with attorneys Ben Crump, Michael Brown, and George Floyd during his visit to the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. A civil rights attorney who has handled several high-profile cases.

Darrell Kelley is one of Atlanta’s hottest performers right now, with over 21.5 million Spotify and Soundcloud streams globally. Hollywood is ecstatic to collaborate with Darrell, and it’s been reported that he’s in talks for some major collaborations to help spread his message.

Darrell is currently finishing off a nationwide tour. Darrell brought his time to Atlanta after Oklahoma.

As he shares his music with the family of Andrew Brown, whom police shot in the back and gained national attention, Darrell will perform in Washington, North Carolina, on June 19 and Elizabeth, North Carolina, on June 20.

Darrell Kelley, a musician for Atlantic Records, is a prolific, brilliant hip-hop artist with over 200k Instagram followers and millions of Spotify and Soundcloud streams from all around the world. He’s shaken hands with a slew of Hollywood’s biggest names. Both ordinary people and celebrities adore him for his work. If you haven’t heard his music yet, do so right away, or you’ll be missing out on some great music. Check out his YouTube Channel.

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