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Indie Spotlight

Charting Producer, Gioisofficial talks about his success in the music industry 

Since its release, “Push It” has become the No. 10 song in America. The song’s production, though, had humble beginnings. At just 15 years old, Dallas born producer Gioisofficial has quickly gone from an amateur to a highly-requested new talent. I spoke with him about his rapid rise to popularity. Our conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

How did your production career get started? Also, what do you think it is that makes your production stand out from the rest?

I started making beats in mid-2020. That’s when I got [FL Studio] and started playing around. In my opinion, I became good at it pretty fast, so I started selling the beats on my YouTube channel without any beat store. I just put my email in the description, and sometimes people would lease a beat for, like, $20 or something. I didn’t have money at the time, so I just saved the money from the leases until I got the $180 to buy the BeatStars membership for a year. I saw other big YouTube producers using BeatStars so I was like, I have to get this to expand my brand. From there I started selling beats with the website, and every month I got more people to follow me.

I think it’s more of me creating my own sound. Sometimes I hear big songs and I take the elements of those songs and put it in my production. That’s what I think makes me different. My whole mindset is different from other peoples’. With “Push it,” I’ve been around other producers and they told me that when they heard the sample they would never have used it or never thought to put it in a beat.

The song took off very quickly, so how did the business side work out? Sometimes when the beat to a popular song was leased online, the producer doesn’t always get compensated properly in the long run. Were you worried that you were going to miss out on your share?

Kevin Gates’ team purchased the full rights, so [contractually] I found the song only 10 days after it dropped, so I contacted him and I was like, ‘Yo, I like the song, send me the cover art, I want to promote it.’ We just had a good relationship. The song started doing better, and I recognized it had already sold more copies than it should have from the BeatStars lease. When the song started getting big, he said since we only have the lease agreements, we need another one because it’s a whole new situation. His team came up with another agreement, I got my team and he got his team, and we figured it out, and right now everything is perfect.

At what point did you realize that “Push it” was going to be a big hit?

Whenever I hear someone over my beats and I really like the song, I just promote it and even if it only gets 2,000 plays, I don’t care. With “Push it,” I just heard it and I liked it, but I didn’t expect anything from it. It started to gain a following and when it got to a million plays on Soundcloud and Spotify, I was like damn, this is the peak, it’s not gonna go any further. I was very happy that it was my first song to hit a million plays. After that, it went so fast. 

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