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Award-winning producer Kyle Stemberger is turning heads

Kyle Stemberger is a multi-platinum producer who has already achieved a lot throughout his career, and he shows no sign of slowing down! Continue reading to learn more about this visionary and pioneering artist and find out what he’s up to next! 

There are so many new producers today that it can be overwhelming to find genuine artists who create original music without chasing trends. That’s why it’s pretty rare to discover an artist such as Kyle, and it’s not only exciting to dive into his music but also to hear about his creative process and what he’s currently working on. 

To start with, let’s briefly explore Kyle’s background so that we can see how he got to where he is today. Like many of the great producers and musicians in the industry, Kyle taught himself how to play instruments by himself. He started with piano, and it wasn’t too long before he picked up the guitar as well. Yet, Kyle’s love for production got kickstarted much later in life. It was during middle school that he discovered rap music and beats. Listening to this style of music led him down a rabbit hole of countless video tutorials on production and making beats. Ever since this discovery, he’s been hooked.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Kyle is now a well-known producer continually working in the music scene. Most notably, Kyle has reached prominence as a producer for Trippie Redd, Jorja Smith, and Burna Boy, to mention but a few high-profile acts. He’s also signed to the label Prescriptions Songs, which has afforded him with a slew of opportunities when it comes to collaborations. Kyle’s first big hit was the platinum release, How I Move by Flipp Dinero & Lil Baby. This release was an exciting time in his career because it was the first time he got to hear his music on the radio! From there, he has continued to grow his fan base on an international level and further develop his sound and creative approach. 

To get an idea of why Kyle stands out in the music scene, it’s essential to look at his collaborative approach to creating music. For example, his release Be Honest by Jorja Smith & Burna Boy was his first foray outside of the rap genre. He took the opportunity to expand and experiment with his sound, which opened up many doors for him in the future. What’s interesting about this release is that he collaborated with Cadenza, another well-known producer at the time. Together they were able to come up with something entirely new and fresh. Be Honest was a big success, and working with the Grammy-nominated Jorja Smith was one of many highlights in his career. 

At the moment, Kyle is innovating and experimenting with his music. He is a highly sought-after producer, and with each new project, he seems to grow and go from strength to strength. The way he creates music heavily depends on the project and who he is collaborating with. For instance, he may make an original beat in his studio for an artist or work with a group of like-minded creatives to create something entirely new. 

Recently, Kyle sat down with the online publication Thisis50 to unpack his creative process. For one, Kyle mentioned that he isn’t very interested in transient trends. Kyle draws inspiration from legendary icons such as Max Martin, Rick Rubin, and Quincy Jones in his production work. However, he always has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry. That means that his music is contemporary and relevant but also genuine and down-to-earth. 

There’s a lot that emerging producers can learn from Kyle’s success. In his experience, he believes that it’s essential for up-and-coming artists to find what makes them unique and focus on that. For Kyle, it all started with him playing instruments, which helped to expand his network, get him into some sessions, and make a name for himself. On top of this, Kyle likes to remind new producers always to stay humble and keep an open mind, as you never know where a great idea may come from. If you isolate yourself in a creative box, then your music will never grow, progress, and change. 

So, what’s next for Kyle? All in all, he is just focused on making the best music he can. Instead, he tries to put aside the accolades that he’s won and approach each new project with a fresh perspective. For Kyle, it all comes down to creating music that people will enjoy and help make their day just that little bit brighter. 

Don’t miss out on Kyle Stemberger’s upcoming projects, collaborations, and more! Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @kylestemberger 

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