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AJDaGuru Encourages Self Care In Visuals For “Love Yourself”

Connecticut-born crooner AJDAGURU is a breath of fresh air that the industry needs right now. With a sound like no other, he has consistently worked hard to get where he is today. As an independent artist backing his own career, Guru still beat the odds and gained fans from all around the world following the release of his debut single, Seen It All. 

Seen It All received such a positive reception, AJ decided to keep the momentum going with more music. Most recently, he released visuals for his inspirational song, Love Yourself. In a world full of sadness and loss due to Covid 19 and quarantines, the timing of the song’s arrival was perfect. Love Yourself encourages listeners to embrace happiness and love themselves no matter what.

In the uplifting visuals for the song, Guru shows fans exactly what it means to be hopeful and thankful for the little things in life. Shot by Kid Avid, AJ takes his talents to an exotic ranch where he bonds with the animals and enjoys mother nature.

While all of his work is soulful with a powerful meaning behind each song, AJ has made it clear that his music is versatile and isn’t associated with just one genre, “I belong in no genre. I am a musician creating music that feels right, whether it be singing or rapping. A Different Side Of Me will most definitely display all of that.”

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