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Meet Nilladriz: He’s Bringing Visuals To Life

Through a single lens, this New Jersey-based, multi-photographer, and aspiring director—Nilladriz, makes eyes pop due to his attention-to-detail and ability to capture figures in their natural state. To date, Nilladriz has worked with PnB Rock, Squidnice, Smokepurpp, Fetty Wap, Famous Dex, Reggie Mills, TRAEDAKIDD, etc. Pretty soon, however, Skinny From The 9 and Leeky Bandz will be added to the list.

If you look closer at Nilladriz’s photography, you’ll notice that his photo effects carry different themes. One moment he’ll have a picture with horror-inspired attributes. Then, Nilladriz’s photo will take on a more playful or spacey approach. Likewise, his videography work consists of unforgettable moments and vibey times. Take, for instance, his video for PluHeph and Fetty Wap’s “Counted Me Out.” Visually, one can see the two enjoying themselves in a party-like setting and outside with friends. The room is all smiles as both latch their playfulness and technicalities on the rhymes.

It’s safe to say that Nilladriz uses an unfiltered angle when taking some flicks. He says, “My favorite part about editing is seeing my video treatment come to life. There’s no better feeling as a director than seeing your ideas come to life.” 

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Dead inside.

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Nilladrizz started photography during his senior year in high school. At first, it was merely a hobby. At the time, he shot for close friends, athletes, and micro-influencers. Yet it wasn’t until he shot for big rap artists like Reggie Mills and Famous Dex when he realized where photography could take him. When Nilladriz takes pictures of rap artists, he likes to capture private moments during their creative process. “I think as a photographer I help connect a fan to an artist through a visual medium,” he adds.

Furthermore, he believes that rappers must possess is beat selection and flow. One picture he takes a lot of pride in is a behind the scenes picture he has from a music video shoot with Smokepurpp and Jack Bruno. He states that it was a surreal experience, being that Purpp is one of his favorite artists. On the other hand, Nilladriz’s favorite videos to shoot was one with Fireman Band$. To summarize, they just went with the flow and had a lot of fun making it. Additionally, Nilladriz loved working with Famous Dex. According to the photographer, he hasn’t met an artist with that much raw energy, until this day. Nilladriz also adds that Cole Bennett has influenced his work and Gunner Stahl has been a big inspiration for his photography.

His opinion on photographers supporting each other is that they just don’t, “Honestly, I feel like a lot of photographers compete with each other.” Granted, Nilladriz firmly believes that in photography it’s less about the quality of the camera and more about the subject you’re shooting. When he’s not doing rap photography, Nilladriz likes to shoot abandoned buildings. When shooting rap artists, his favorite places or moments to shoot are the ones that aren’t visible to the public, like studio sessions, backstage, etc. At a great distance, Nilladriz navigates ideas around understanding humanity, connection, and identity.

It’s safe to say that he’s “never not working.” Although he gets stressed when faced against 2-3 videos to edit at a time, Nilladriz’s solution is investing in his workflow. Moving forward, the creative will potentially publish a picture book by February. 

Check out some more of his work below: 

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Balance is everything 🔑

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“Moscato Nights”💮👁‍🗨 @saisentg otw!!

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