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Young Nudy’s DR. EV4L VS Rich shooter Tour Is Top Tier

DR. EV4L VS Rich Shooter
Photo By @tshootsraw

The DR. EV4L VS Rich Shooter Tour is one of my favorite shows in a long time. Nudy has grown into his artistry a lot since becoming an entertainer. When I got the invite from the good folks at RCA(Shout out to Kellyn), my lady and I were hype, to say the least. Outside of Rolling Loud, I had not been to a concert in a pretty long time due to the pandemic. As I walked to will call to grab our tickets, I could overhear many fellow concertgoers sharing those same sentiments. Nonetheless, the energy levels were high, and the aura of the legendary Fillmore venue in Silver Spring, MD, was felt from start to finish.

The dope thing about Young Nudy is that you can tell everyone on his tour is his family or close friends. The way each of the opening acts and host embraced each other is very genuine. Thus making it a gratifying and interactive experience for all. Although all of the fans were not aware of the music before, they were fully attentive. My homie Maac knew about 21 Lil Harold, so when he came out, he was excited. After his performance, it was clear that he left with more fans than he came with, including me. His track “Muffin(Freak Hoe” featuring Latto is a certified banger that rings off. Every single person in the crowd was tuned in, which makes sense when you have a couple of women on stage going crazy to the Atlanta strip club anthem.

Young Nudy
Photo by @Tshootsraw

DR. EV4L VS Rich Shooter Tour Shows Young Nudy’s Veteran Crowd Control

Young Nudy’s entrance was elite. Although he is a great performer, seeing the fan’s excitement made for an even better experience. Nudy’s fans knew the words to every single song, word for word. The talented Zone 6 representer easily breezed through his hard-hitting discography tactfully. Furthermore, mixing in new hits with his fan favorites like “Loaded Baked Potato” & “EA” felt like a non-stop party. The PDE bossman knows how to get the people going. Some of the show’s best moments were his signature laughs that can be heard at the end of some of our favorite tracks. He and DJ BJ are on the same wavelength, and it shows. The new albums perform extremely well and make you eager to revisit the projects more often.

Young Nudy
Photo By @Tshootsraw

There were at least 4 moshpits going at a time, and the show’s host, PDE Twin, was brave enough to be a part of one. When the bass line dropped on the infamous Playboi Carti assisted “Pissy Pamper” to close Nudy’s set, fans absolutely lost it. Nudy’s huge smile after the record was done shows that he knows how to control a crowd. COVID robbed us of a lot of great moments. Truthfully, I am happy that growing artists like Nudy can get back in front of their supporters. I look forward to seeing Young Nudy’s growth going forward. I appreciate DR. EV4L & Rich Shooter much more after hearing them live. This tour is the perfect show to get quarantined fans back in the venues.

Follow Young Nudy on IG to see his next show dates and stream his latest album below!

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“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” - Jordan Peele

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