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Stevie Wonder, A Living Positive Legend


Stevie Wonder, a living, breathing music genius. Born blind but his transcendent musical talent has kept him on the scene since the 60s. That’s amazing to really put into perspective; especially since you never hear about Stevie’s names in negative tabloids. From Little Stevie Wonder to now, he has been a positive role model for the world, not just musicians to look up to.

Anybody reading should know the “troupe,” controversy sells. Well in the case of Mr. Wonder, his music was so wonderful that he didn’t need it to boost awareness for his talent. The Motown prodigy of the 60s took over fast and since then has curated some of the most iconic songs of all time. Add in his activism and you truly have a icon living.

I mean his jazzy voice with incredible piano playing and performances with impeccable instrumentation really do make him one of a kind. The word “vibe” can literally describe the feeling that Wonder’s catalog gives listeners. To be honest, along with The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, and a few other others; he is one of the pioneers of “curating a vibe.”

Incredible to really look at Stevie Wonder and see a pioneer of the soul music era still alive, Single such as “Isn’t She Lovely,” “Part-Time Lover,” “Sir Duke,” “Superstition,” “I Wish,” and many more timeless tunes really sneakily became a part of mainstream culture.

Stevie is really one of the only few artists that any part of the world would recognize instantly.

To put it simple, Wonder has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time. He has won 22 Grammy Awards. He was the first Motown artist and second African-American musician to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song; for the 1984 film The Woman in Red.

To even just say that is astounding. To list all of the different genres of music Hall Of Fames the man is in will take to much time. However, what doesn’t is giving him plays on your favorite DSPs and watching his performances on YouTube.

Most of the time on social media, anytime I see Stevie it’s usually a blind joke. While, yes it is quite hilarious, can we just appreciate how legendary the man really is. Quite literally, Stevie Wonder is walking history.

A wonder to the world for decades and hopefully for a few more, let’s give stevie his flowers while he is alive.

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