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Music Industry Highlight: AMPD Provides One Of A Kind Looks


Of course the musicians are the star of the show being in front of the camera. However, all stars need dope content creators to help their platform market their brand. A dope brand that features viral live artist performances based in the DMV and spreading globally is AMPD. However, they are more than just that!

Founded by rising industry star Zeplyn Tillman and ran with radio legend Angie Ange; AMPD is definitely a friend for artists to have a new avenue of their voice being heard. I had the honor of asking them a few question that show the positive mindset of their brand.

Zeplyn, Rico Nasty, and Angie Ange.

LL: What’s the mindset behind AMPD? 

AMPD stands for Artists Manifesting Powerful Dreams. We are all about artist empowerment. We are a digital media company that elevates and highlights the best millennial & gen z artists through performances, interviews and compelling news stories.

At the same time we also have a strong belief that you can be the most talented artists and have spent years and years developing your craft but if you are not taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally – then it’s ultimately all for nothing.

So many of our greats have had untimely Demises because they were not in the best physical, psychological or emotional health conditions; so we are a platform that believes in putting out messages that speak to that as well.

LL: What’s the long term goal? 

To me the 5 pillars of the modern day music industry are : music, events, media, streaming and merchandise. As a brand, We will successfully be involved in all 5 areas. We started out in the media space because in order to be successful in any of these areas; you have to be all about your audience – so it made sense to begin by building that first.

Though we are in a COVID 19 World – I believe upon exiting it ; due to the paradigm shift that has occurred – people will be looking for more ways to interact with each other again, reconnect with existing and new talent live, as well as, enjoy music related experiences : this is a space I’m looking forward to being in as soon as the world opens back up.

We have an activewear line dropping in early 2021: really cultivated as I said on the backs of wanting to be a brand that empowers artists to understand the importance of their health in their careers. There will be a day (maybe soon or maybe in a few years) where we sign, develop and release artists. As a company, we have access to talent from all levels (budding acts to superstar acts); so because we’ve already developed an ecosystem that lends to us interacting with all types of talent.

it just makes sense to get on that side of the business at an extremely high level. Finally, I believe streaming is in its infancy. I have cousins and little children in my family who are under 10 that don’t know the world we grew up in as adults with linear TV and waiting week to week to watch shows; they only know streaming and being able to watch what you want – when you want; so I believe there are so many different niches that have been untapped.

We look forward to AMPD being in that space and producing content that shows different sides of artists that we have yet to see. 

LL: What motivates AMPD? 

Young Black Culture drives Overall Black Culture. Black Culture drives American Culture. There is no American music, pop music without black music but yet we own very few of the major digital platforms that elevates our music talent in positive ways.

We have very few macro success in the record and streaming industries. We want to be the most impactful music content brand for millennials and gen. Z. We need spaces where artists and creatives can feel comfortable to interact with the media without feeling like someone is seeking to gain clout off of them; create a viral moment off of them or is shading them in some way.

That’s corny – and we are motivated to shift that narrative in the culture, empower everyone we work with financially, and create last content that stands the test of time in the process of doing so. 

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