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Meet Felicia Kid: Designer of the Indiana Street Wear Brand, Kid Jumper!

Meet Felicia Kid, the Founder of the evolving street brand, Kid Jumper. As a previous writer for the Kontrol Magazine and Snob Life at Atlanta this young creative has been creating a name for her brand for a while.It all started when she received a design made of her daughters face as a surprise for a Christmas gift.Felicia posted the picture on social media and shockingly people began to place orders for the t-shirt. This led to the start of Kid Jumper in January 2015. Unlike other clothing brands, Kid Jumper brings an edgy style to both men and women. Felicia felt that this aesthetic was missing something that she knew she could bring to the table. Moving forward, Felicia plans to be a global force in the fashion industry by creating a brand from her small hometown.

Indiana was missing the element of street-wear amongst the culture I live here, so it stood out to me. There aren’t too many brands that represent the female sneaker head. I’ve always been into fashion so making my own line seemed very natural. I wanted to execute all my visions and styles I enjoy seeing and wearing. So it just made sense for me to create my own. I use fashion in a form of express myself. To showcase my personality and connect with other creatives as well.”

Felicia’s main motivation is her children. She named the brand after her son, Jumper.

They watch me, they see how badly I want this and I also incorporate them into the business. It’s a family hustle for sure.”

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