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Upcoming Fashion Moguls To Keep an Eye On: Jay Davincii

Jay Davincii is a New York City born + raised fashion designer/stylist. Jay recently launched his fashion house “HAUS OF KHENDAR” in September of 2018. Jay’s work has been featured in multiple publications both digital and print, as well as music videos and television shows. Jay is well known for working as an image consultant for several high profile clients including Kelly Rowland, SZA, Saweetie, Rico Nasty, Malibu Mitch, Asian Doll, Melii Azealia Banks, Iman Shumpert, Louise Chantal, Nitty Scott, Cuban Doll,Yung Miami, KAMIYAH, Dreezy, Bri Steves and many more.

I had a conversation with Jay, I learned about his childhood, his family, his journey as a stylist but I also learned he gives great advice. Take some time to get to know the one and only Jay Davincii.

Jay’s childhood was spent moving around due to his parent’s separation. He’s lived in Alaska, Dominican Republic, and Pennsylvania, and New York. Jay briefly attended school in New York but transferred to a private school in the Poconos, where the majority of students were of European descent. As Jay and I continued our conversation, he spoke to me about the racism he experienced while attending school in the Poconos. “People threatened to burn my house down because my family was different, we were Dominican so we stood out.” Due to the disdain from the people around him, Jay naturally secluded himself and stayed inside the house most of the time, causing him to create his own world and learn to do things his own way.

It’s no secret that our upbringing, among other elements, shape who we become as adults. Growing up for Jay meant listening to classic hip hop and jazz music or watching movies and creating art as a form of punishment. Jay spoke about his family’s comfortability on the topic of beauty and body modification such as cosmetic surgery. His family’s overall look on outward appearance has also created an inspiration for him with his designs. “In my family, we liked to look good, which made it easy for me to learn about beauty, what looks good on a certain body and what doesn’t.”

While some people are still figuring out what they want to do junior year of college others already have a vision before reaching adolescent. One of these others I speak of is Jay Davincii. He knew exactly what he wanted to do as a young boy, he knew the end goal, he just didn’t know the steps to take in order to get there. Like anyone thirsty for knowledge, Jay did extensive research about fashion, spent his precious time watching documentaries, interviews and anything beneficial he could catch his hands/eyes on. Jay recalls spending his time watching Bravo’s Project Runway and meticulously following along as the contestants drew up their designs, he credits the show for his ability to draw. Little did Jay know how the journey of following his passion would unfold.

Jay Davincii began his career in the industry as a stylist. His first gig was as a stylist for emcee/rapper Nitty Scott. He then catapulted into working with Azealia Banks, Iman Shumpert, Kelly Rowland, and many others. His moment as a designer came when British-Guyanese vocalist, Louise Chantál wore his custom made jacket to the Laquan Smith show. “ After she wore my outfit to the show, I received a lot of attention, there were so many girls that wanted it.” Recently, Jay was the head designer for Paper Magazine’s cover story: Women in Hip-hop, alongside stylist, Domi Reina.

Jay’s smooth and slick transition from stylist to designer is somewhat legendary. He launched his fashion house “Hause of Khendar” in September of 2018, and made his footprint in the industry. The journey hasn’t been easy for him. Jay recalls times where he didn’t have a steady income, times where he stayed at a job he had no interest in and was clearly unhappy. There were also times where the kindness of other people helped him. Jay humbly spoke about a fabric store down the street from his home that would give me free fabrics because they saw how often he came in, looked at several items, but would only purchase one. Connecting, taking help from others, and building a team around core values such as loyalty and dedication are all steps Jay took to achieve his dream as a full-time designer. To anyone chasing a dream, Jay advice that the best thing to do is not to sleep, be awake and be present in everything. “Don’t be cocky, keep learning and continue to do your own thing. You’re your own competition, compete against yourself,” Jay says. “Life is gonna challenge but you can be your biggest challenge.”

In 2019, Jay wants to travel as much and expose the rest of the world to his collection. This is the first year he’s been economically stable, so Jay wants to enjoy every bit of it while continuing to stamp his name in the industry. By the end of this year, he sees himself working with brands and celebrities to create more dope projects.

Jay’s current success is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s more to be seen, its just a matter of time. To view his designs, check out his website, And of course, make sure to follow him on Instagram: @Jaydavincii

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