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Chéri Yielle


Get to Know Singer-Songwriter Chéri Yielle: The Truth-Bringer

In a music world filled with common sounds and repetitive lyrics, Chéri Yielle stands out among the rest. Through powerful messages and light harmonies, her music takes us on a journey of self-reflection. From producing her own instrumentals to writing songs, she is definitely an artist you want to know more about.

Singer-songwriter, Chéri Yielle is a Long Island, New York native with proud Afro-Caribbean roots. Her music is highly influenced by the legendary Sade, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill, but her sound is freely and distinctively her own. What sets her apart from other R&B artists, is her contemporary and alternative sounds that connect to a wide range of audiences from different backgrounds.

Her self-produced EP Surrender was officially released on June 27th 2019, a date shared with the birthday of her late father. Chéri’s unique alternative styles can be heard throughout the album especially in the track, “Come Home.” Her upbeat track, “Rainbow” shows off high levels of creativity with Afro-Caribbean inspired beats catchy to vibe to.

Take a listen to her newest release, Surrender here:

Another favorite track of mine is “In The Sky.” I love the song’s overall flow and could easily be put on repeat whether you’re in a car or doing some Sunday cleaning. Additionally, “Before I Fall” is a hidden gem. The positive messages throughout the song tackles the issue of facing your fears despite what comes your way. For instance, she repeats the line, “how can I face myself, if I can’t face my fears?” Lyrics like this are beautiful to the soul and shows a side of her many artists are too afraid to reveal.

At the age of only 9, Chéri discovered her love for music when she first performed a solo vocal performance. Her passion for poetry and writing was developed and identified in middle school. Shortly after, she began creating remixes and covers that led to writing songs for herself and other people in high school. But wait, there’s more. The multi-faceted and talented artist also knows how to play the piano and guitar.

Filled with sultry sounds and laid-back R&B vibes, Chéri’s gift of passionate songwriting enables her listeners to re-connect with themselves. Her golden personality and powerful messages uplift her listeners through self-love and self-discovery. We all have our moments when we need motivation to boost up our spirits, and Chéri does just that in her newest release, Surrender.

“Once you work so hard to express something in a particular way, the satisfaction or relief of sharing it is worth so much more than the false security of not sharing it. Life is going to happen anyway, you might as well just let it go,” Chéri stated.

Chéri independently released her first single, “Save My Soul” in 2018. In the song, she states a line that stood out to me the most: “Ignorance and addiction, know yourself and find your freedom.”

Chéri is not one to shy away from speaking her truth. Her music encourages both herself and others to have an open mind and heart in order to tap into honest self-discovery. While going through her own personal struggles she continues to strengthen her audience with powerful words.

With a heart of gold, Chéri creates music that enables her listeners to cope through painful experiences. In short, her music is exactly what the younger generations need.

Mashari: I love your music, how would you describe your newest release Surrender

Chéri: Thank you! I would describe it as an emotional trip. It’s a beautiful downward spiral through love and loss… very biographical in nature. It’s best listened on repeat. For me, the spiral is just a cycle. You surrender to nature and the things you can’t control in this reality. There is a time for pain and pleasure – the truth will always have its way. 

Mashari: When did you know you wanted to create music? 

Chéri: I knew I loved music since as long as I can remember. I had my first solo performance at school when I was 9 years old, and the school chorus acknowledged me as someone who sang. In middle school, I fell in love with poetry and making remixes and covers. By high school I was writing songs for myself and other people, and in college, I learned piano and guitar. 

Mashari: Do you have any favorite tracks that you had fun with the most on Surrender and why?

Chéri: They are all favorites for something different, but “Save My Soul” is special because it was the first song I felt was strong enough to stand alone, and I was so proud of it – making the beat, writing it on my guitar. There’s fun in how it moves and a swag to the melody, but the lyrics are actually really intense. “In The Sky” was fun because it’s more light-hearted, and I co-wrote it with the person it’s about, which was sweet and fun. 

Mashari: What are you inspired by and how do you feel it has helped you develop your musical style? 

Chéri: I’m really abstract in the way that my mind works, but I’m also really picky. Like cooking or even kissing, it’s about feeling “just right”,  and I end up experimenting with whatever inspiration I can find from any concept, story, or idea to give that flavor or direction towards “just right”. 

Mashari: Besides music, what projects have you been working on that you are proud of?

Chéri: My degree and my mental health, LOL. Sometimes I still can’t believe I finished school, but the project kind tells the story of what I was going through that really made me feel like I was losing my mind and wasn’t going to finish school. I’m in a much better place now, and sometimes I look back and still don’t know how I  stuck through. 

Mashari: Who are your Top 3 favorite artists and pick a song from each of them that influenced your taste in music?

Chéri: Michael Jackson: Fall Again (he wrote and referenced it, popularly performed by Glenn Lewis)

The Fugees/Lauryn Hill – Killing Me Softly 

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End)

Mashari: If you could collaborate with a Rapper or Reggae artist on your next project, who would it be? 

Chéri: There are so many, but I’d love to create in the studio with Joey Badass. On top of him being dope, we have the same birthday, and I have no idea what the music would sound like. 

Mashari: How do you become comfortable with sharing your personal life in your music?

Chéri: I think that for me, or any artist in some way, it’s much more uncomfortable to not express it. Once you work so hard to express something in a particular way, the satisfaction or relief of sharing it is worth so much more than the false security of not sharing it. Life is going to happen anyway, you might as well just let it go. 

For more information on Chéri Yielle explore her website and more of her music here.

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