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Slayter: New York’s Underworld Bully

New York is known for being the number one spot for emerging hip-hop artists who cement themselves in the music industry to push the culture forward. One artist who comes to mind when talking about the underground is Slayter.

Now if you aren’t familiar with Slayter, a small background about him would have to be, he was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Dyckman, he’s been a solo artist who’s used his life experiences to paint a picture, sharing his dark and slightly sinister look on reality. His music is a true reflection of what New York hip-hop was built upon while adding a bit of modern mix.

Unlike other upcoming New York artists, Slayter possesses a unique sound. He really portrays himself as a hip hop bully, and going head to head with someone so versatile would be a death sentence to anyone’s career.

For years Slayter has been gaining attention and been building a solid foundation to establish himself as one of the most consistent hip-hop artists emerging from New York. He did such a good job that even Johnny Shipes took an interest, adding him to his independent hip-hop label Cinematic Music Group in 2017. Ever since that moment, Slayter focused on his debut EP, “Cold At Night”, and locked in another project for his fans due for release this summer. Look out for these two projects in the near future.

Slayter’s success over the years has made him become one of the more prominent emerging artists of this era. His past releases have created a huge buzz for him in both the streets and the offices. Now more then ever is the time for hip-hop fans around the country to really tune into Slayer. He will consistently give it his all, giving his fans exactly that classic hip-hop sound that has been missing from the culture.

Whether you like him or not, his impact on hip-hop is soon to come and trust me the New York bully is on a straight line moving forward!

You can watch Slayter’s “MHM” visual below.

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