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Get To Know L’omari, The Lyrical Socialite

Multi-talented artist, songwriter, and influencer, L’omari, is from Miami by way of Doha, Qatar and Toronto, Canada. His upbringing, craft, and hustle place him in his own lane. After learning English at 13, he soon after began writing lyrics and poetry, allowing his lyricism to flow so smoothly with or without a beat. 

The Lyrical Socialite

Inspired by the lyrical giants on his brother’s playlists (Nas, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Wu-Tang Clan, etc), L’omari marries classic Hip Hop with his own style and flow. Hip hop’s hidden gem made his mark on the music industry in 2018 with his impactful single “Glorious,” releasing the track on the one year anniversary of a diplomatic crisis that occurred in Qatar. The 2018 hit single was more than just a track, it was a beacon of hope to uplift his people and country. A patriot song dedicated to king Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani with politically-charged verses that are followed with a light-hearted hook.

Triple Threat

As a well-rounded artist and influencer, and also the CEO of BidWin Music Group, LLC and Board Member of the Qatar Music Foundation, L’omari utilizes his talent and passion for music to spread positivity throughout the world with his unique and stylish brand of socially and internationally conscious hip-hop.


His 2019 single “BidWin” is the musical expression of the multifaceted artistry that is L’omari. The word “Bedouin” means an original Arab from the desert, however, to coincide with his lifestyle, he switched up the spelling. For L’omari, all he does is “bid” and “win,” especially in his new stomping grounds of Miami, Florida. Bringing traditional Arabic sounds and contemporary trap triplets are what sets this track apart, a perfect summer anthem. He really put his foot on the music industry’s neck with this record.

Give the track “BidWin” a spin below you’ll be sure to have the record playing on repeat in your head!


L’omari not only has a captivating single but pairs it with a stunning new visual installment filled with exotic luxurious cars, inside a waterfront mansion, surrounded by beautiful women. The Qatari artist is doing it like no other when it comes to his visually breathtaking forthcoming music video. Don’t believe me? Just to give you an idea of what’s to come, here’s a snippet of him spitting his hard-hitting lyrics to J. Cole’s “MIDDLE CHILD” while chillin’ in a Bentley with his pet monkey. 

L’omari is constantly inspired by the hip-hop lyrical heavyweights that came before him and it’s heard in his music. Staying true to his roots, faith, and artistry is what sets him apart. His authenticity accompanied by his talent and work ethic is what has this Hip-Hop star quickly reaching new heights. L’omari is currently among the latest wave of emcees putting on for emerging artists both nationally and internationally. In doing so, he is establishing a name for himself as well as a long-lasting and promising career in the industry. Stay tuned as he gears up to drop his EP later in the year. As L’omari quickly rises to stardom with his inspiring and impactful music, you’ll be sure to see more of him!

The Interview

Minnee: How would you describe your musical style?

L’omari: A mixture of melodies and bars, with a touch trap and hip hop.

Minnee: What influences your writing process?

L’omari:I make music based on the real-life situations and experiences that I go through.

Minnee: What inspired you to create your 2018 track, “Glorious”?

L’omari:  The song ‘Glorious’ was more of a patriotic song for my people from Qatar… Our king Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani he was known as the glorious. His nickname was ‘glorious.’ So I translated it into English and did a song about it just to do something for my country and people. No one has done that before. During the songwriting process, I made sure to touch a few words to represent us and what we stand for. That generated traction amongst my people. It got people getting emotional when they heard the song.

Minnee: Being from Qatar, in what ways have your surroundings shaped your creativity?

L’omari: From my drip, to my vision, to my creative process. My background has a lot to do with what L’omari stands for. Got the best of both worlds in me and the world is about to get a taste of that.

Minnee: At what age did you begin creating, and in which mediums?

L’omari: I started really building into this music ever since I wrote my first rhyme which was the age of 13. Started recording my own self on a desktop computer over instrumentals that were poppin’ at that time. After I seen my people’s reaction to my recordings is when I realized that I could really be dope at this whole thing and show them what else I possess. Fast forward years later, I’m doing this on a professional, yet bigger scale.

Minnee: Tell me a little bit about BidWin Music Group? When was it founded? 

L’omari: It was founded in 2018, by me and my partner Jonny Sierra. We had the same vision and same goals and started attacking them together ’till we developed a whole professional team that’s apart of this movement now.

Minnee: What was the first album you ever owned/listened to and how did you acquire it?

L’omari: Not a lot of people know that, but the first album I ever owned was Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers’ EP which I stole from HMV music store at that time. I was young, dumb and in love with music lol.

Minnee: Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

L’omari: Within myself. Everything I create is based out of a chapter in my life.

Minnee: Do you have anyone that you consider to be a mentor?

L’omari: There’s a lot of OGs that’s around me that always made sure I’m good and spit a good game towards me to always keep me on my toes. Not one specifically but a bunch of real ones.

Minnee: What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music?

L’omari: International recognition which I am on the edge of. More features, more shows and more projects.  

Minnee: To wrap up our interview, if you had one message to give to your fans, what would that message be?

L’omari: I won’t let you down, and you’re gonna be so proud of me. Mark my words when I say I set the bar really high for these new artists and I’m holding my country and ppl on my back.

For more information on L’omari explore his website and more of his music here.

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