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Meet Next Emcee Up From Baltimore, The “Enigmatic Lyricist” Ernest Third

Meet Baltimore emcee and grassroots enthusiast Ernest third.


Being a native from Baltimore, emcee Ernest Third has withstood many trials and tribulations throughout his life. He has recently found a deeper calling in life in music as a way of expressing himself and he’s quite sufficient at the craft. Channeling vibes of Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Mos Def, A Tribe Called Quest, and more, Ernest has an enormous amount of talent. However, he is his own artist. He has a couple of traits that separate him from the rest of the crowd.

First, he is an incredible freestyle artist. Ernest looks at Hip-Hop at its roots and works hard to blend in the classic appeal with the modern era production aesthetics fans have come to love. A good term to describe him is a “new era boom bap” artist. He has the talent of your classic 16-bar lyricist and the range to tackle new flows. Similar to what J.Cole did in 2018 by hopping on different artists’ tracks, Ernest shows that same ability through his freestyles.

Ernest, Making Grass Roots Modern again

The second trait that separates Ernest Third from the crowd of upcoming artists is his love for jazz and instrumental music. Listening to Ernest’s flow, you can see the heavy influence of grassroots jazz. His cadences can switch up as if his voice was an alto saxophone. This distinct factor makes this artist not only unique but appealing. He makes old school Hip-Hop feel brand new and that’s astounding.

Hailing from Baltimore, keep your eye out for him to make waves late 2019. Other fun facts about him are that he is a former University of South Carolina football player, a father, and has a gold grill. He stands for being more lit by being sober and being his authentic self. His social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter are @ErnestThird.

Baltimore’s Ernest Third comes into the second of of 2019 with aspirations of going global

Check Out His Latest Project ‘Edge Of A Half Moon’ Here

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