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Tay B Has The Star Power You Can’t Deny

Tay B
Photo Courtesy of Sony Music

Tay B is easily one of the hardest working creatives out of the midwest. After collecting over 25 million combined streams/views on his work, he is ready to release his debut LP via Columbia Records. Patience is something that the Detroit rapper has ever lacked. Tay B grew his base by collaborating with other Motown mainstays like 42 Dugg, Cash Kidd, W$ Kharri, and more. His amazing work ethic is a product of the experiences he had growing up. Shortly after his birth, mom and dad split up. He stayed with his mother in the city throughout the week and visited his dad in the suburbs on the weekends. Pops loved music and provided a life-changing opportunity for his son one Saturday. “He called me, and he was like, ‘Do you want to go to the studio?’” Tay B recalls. “That was it.”

After drawing inspiration from the new legends like Drake, Big Sean, and J. Cole, he decided it was his turn to take music seriously. Getting money was always the goal, and now his perspective on it has changed completely. There was a time where Tay B used to think $10K was a lot of money. Today, he knows the difference. After proclaiming himself as LL Cool Tay on his previous tapes, he’s positioning himself to become the new prince of the D. Our informative conversation had a lot of light-hearted moments. Tay has the IT factor that you cannot teach.

Check it out below!

Ahmad Davis: First things first please introduce yourself to those who do not know who Tay B is just yet.

Tay B: What up doe, it’s Tay B, rap artists from Detroit, Michigan.

Tay B
Photo courtesy of Sony Music

AD: You have worked with just about every one out of the city. Can you let us know who your favorite artist to collaborate with?

TB: I like everyone and respect all the artists working out in the D right now. If I had to say who my favorites to work with.. man that’s hard. I would probably say the most chemistry would be with Babyface Ray, 42 Dugg, and my boy FMB DZ. I mess with Baby Money too. We can do like 5-6 songs in a couple of hours.

AD: Fast forward to today, you are signed to Columbia Records! How does that feel and how did it come about?

TB: It’s a blessing but I feel like I am starting over as a brand new artist again. So I know I have to continue to grind and work hard. My guy Bird, who works with Roddy Ricch put me in a session with Mike. After they heard some of my music they said they wanted to sign me. So we locked in right after.

AD: After the announcement dropped that you signed it seemed like there was a lot of support for you. I feel like everyone in Detroit seemed happy for you. What does the support back home mean to you?

TB: It means the world to me. A lot of people get hate in their city. I feel like because I am neutral I get nothing but love in the D. My pops be getting mad at me because I do not feel the need to have security whenever I am back home.

AD: Your new single “Stashbox” with Lil Durk has the potential to be your biggest song yet. How did that record come about?

TB: I felt like it was long overdue. JerryPHD shoots all Durk’s video and he works with me too. So he just put the word in his ear and we got it going. My pops also have some ties to people in Durk’s camp so we were able to facilitate it like that. Way overdue but it feels like perfect timing.

AD: If you could do a dinner in Detroit with 5 artist (DOA) that inspire you who would it be?

TB: I would have to say Hov because he is a great businessman. Master P is another great businessman from the streets. Drake, of course, is just based on his success in the music industry. I would probably put Meek Mill because of the legal issues we both share. The 5th one, hmm, I would probably say Aaliyah as my 5th because I listen to R&B mainly.

AD: Outside of yourself who would you say you listen too on the daily?

TB: I listen to a lot of different people for different things. Unless I am out at the clubs, I am listening to something smooth. Pluto, man, I do listen to a lot of Future’s music for sure. Truthfully, when I am by myself, I am just listening to something smooth.

AD: It seems like everyone from Detroit seems so authentic. I respect artists like G.T., Babyface Ray, and even Samuel Shabazz, and I feel the authenticity. What is it about Detroit that makes everyone so authentic?

TB: Honestly, in Detroit, if you are not authentic, people will call you out. We all know each other, so it is kind of hard to lie about what you are doing in your songs. We all embrace the real.

AD: So tell us, when do you think it will be time to drop your debut project with Columbia?

TB: I ain’t going to lie, I am ready right now. I have been working on my craft a lot lately, though. Man, I have many songs ready, but I want to warm the streets back up. I have over 100 songs to choose from.

AD: Is there any fun features you can let us know about?

TB: My tape is going to be about 15 songs and I do not want a lot of features on there. I got Lil Durk on there of course. Also, from the city I got Kash Doll and 42 Dugg on there. Man, I got this fire track with A Boogie that’s going to go crazy too. To be honest, I am just ready to drop and it will hopefully be by the summer.

Any fans of Tay B should be excited about what is on the horizon. He is looking forward to flooding the streets with heat for the summer. Tap in with him on Instagram and check out his latest single with Lil Durk below!

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