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Get to Know: Lexaay

It’s not everyday a person gets the chance to move from a small town in Missouri to Dallas, Texas in order to attend a performing arts school that names Erykah Badu as their alumnae. The path to singing full-time for R&B songstress Lexaay has been filled with taking chances and total support.

The Dallas-based songstress grew up in a musical family and spent most of her childhood vocal training and performing. Desperate to find her own lane separate from her talented family’s shadow, she found dance. As a dancer, Lexaay felt it gave her an outlet to define creative expression on her own terms.

After high school, Lexaay attended Temple University where she double majored in Dance and Strategic Communications (PR). Surprisingly enough, singing was not her focus until after graduating college.

Post-grad, she planned to travel the world and audition for dance company’s and productions. Her goals were suddenly put on hold as a result of the pandemic. Dealing with a sudden break-up on top of delayed plans led her comeback to singing and her first EP, “Wild, but True” was the result.

It seems to come full circle as Lexaay ventures back into music, determined to be comfortable sharing a version of herself that people may not know. I got the chance to speak with Lexaay about her latest release, relationship advice, and her plans for 2021.

Check out our conversation below!

Wild, but True was the first project you put out as a singer. Was there pressure to feel like you had to make the most perfect project ever ?

Absolutely. It started off as a lot of pressure just because I was reintroducing myself as something else, or exposing another part of me. I had one appearance on somebody’s track, my friend Devy Stonez. I did some vocals for him on his debut and some people around the city (Dallas) knew it was me and some people didn’t. There were people that already had this idea of me and what I can do. I also was nervous about how it would be taken by the people that I knew in real life like my ex and his family.

I didn’t even think of that. Was there a, “is this about me?,” text after it was put out?

Actually when I recorded the first two songs on the EP I sent them to him. I was like hey, this is what I’m doing. I want you to know my intentions and here’s what it is. He was super supportive, he bought my EP. He was like “hey, I really like the intro” and I was like I would hope so you wrote it. I had to just let that go in order for me to get through the situation. To let my artistry shine through it.

The EP sounded very personal. So this is 100% based on a true story?

100% it is a true story. That’s kind of where the title came from, “Wild, but True.” I would tell people the story of how we broke up and they would be like… that’s really wild, and I’d be like but it’s true. I also felt like it doubled as describing me as a person and my personality. I can be a little wild, a little crazy, a little out there, but  my heart is always in the right place. A lot of times I feel misunderstood in that, so it kind of was like the perfect introduction  .

So after creating an EP about getting over a break up, what would you say is your best relationship advice?

I would say be intentional and be clear. Especially in our generation and the time that we’re in right now. It is so easy to be like “oh we talk” and not commit or just leave things kind of up in the air. I mean you can’t avoid pain, that’s impossible, but the best way to soften the blows is just communicating with people. Let your intentions be known.

 Break-ups aside, when I came across your Instagram, I saw that your mom is your assistant. How did that come about?

So, she’s always referred to herself  as my assistant. She’s really supportive… She’s booked all my flights and handles those things for me. When it comes to  my music career and the actual music; the products, the meetings and the conversations is all kind of run by me  at the moment.

Are you heavily involved in your creative direction?

Yes. (sigh)

Does it stress you out a little bit?  

I would say that it is a task. Especially with being a new artist and wanting to put my best foot forward. Outside looking in, you don’t think of all the points that you have to hit. If you’re figuring out your sound there’s, what’s your look gonna be? Okay, you want to make a music video, well whose gonna shoot it? My first music video, No Rest, I did completely by myself. Of course I worked with a videographer and he kind of co-directed that with me, but from the music video treatment, to wardrobe, to hair, make-up, I just had to complete that entire vision myself.

So moving forward, you released this project. What do you hope to achieve for the rest of the year?

 The rest of the year, I want to continue pushing that project, create some new visuals. I’m definitely the kind of person that likes experiences and I like to share space with people. I’m hoping things will start to get better  with Covid so that we do have the option for more in-person experiences. I like to perform so I want to have more opportunities to do that.

Stream Lexaay’s latest EP “Wild, but True” below!

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