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Get To Know: LBS Kee’vin

LBS Kee’vin is one of rap music’s latest talents on the rise. Born in Pensacola Florida, a placed renounced for its beaches, Kee’vin’s music shows a different perspective of his hometown from what people know it to be on the outside.

He grew up with a single mother, mentored by hustlers exposed to drug activity from an early age. The “LBS” in his name comes from the group he his a part of called LBS crew. Short for “Loyal Bag Suppliers,” the acronym is a double entendre for friends with pounds in the stash who have a drive to get to the money.

Kee’vin got his start in hip-hop after he and his brothers decided to take a room in their childhood home and turn it into a music studio. With only four songs under his belt that he recorded, his fifth track , “Boston George,” won him the coveted World Star Hip Hop Heat Seekers artist search.

In 2020, LBS Kee’vin is staying true to his name getting to the bag and reaching new milestones of success. This year he has landed collaborations with 42 Dugg and more recently Luh Kel in their latest track “Toxic.”

I got the chance to speak with LBS Kee’vin about his life after the heat seekers competition and how he stands out as an artist.

Check out our conversation below!

What do you feel separates you from artists from in Florida?

I’m versatile. I literally have songs probably every genre, if not every genre most of them. I got love songs, street songs, pop songs. Got any song you could name.

A diverse catalog is probably the reason why you won the World Star Hip Hop Heat Seekers Artist Search. How did that come about?

The crazy part about it I didn’t even submit. My momma, she just came to me and she was like; “WordStar having this contest” blah blah blah. I’m not even paying it no attention and she went ahead and submitted it. I think a week or two later  she come back to me and is like hey, you won. It was a 15,000 dollar promotion package. They put me on the front page of World Star for a day. So me being on the front page, I got a million views within 24 hours so that’s how everything kind of kicked off.  

After that, did that lead you to wanting to do music full time? Was there anything else that you were pursuing outside of music?

It was a time where I didn’t know what I wanted to really do. But once I seen the music take off and I started getting the response that I wanted, that’s when I was like okay, maybe music is like what I need to be doing. That’s when I started really taking it serious.

So you win the competition and decided to sign to Visionary Records. Was it always your goal to sign to a label? 

Yeah definitely. It’s always a goal to sign with a label. We got crazy talent where I’m from, we just never had no outlet . I was like the first one to ever sign to with a major label, so that everybody’s goal though where I’m from. To sign and get on.

What about Visionary Record made it a good fit for you?

I flew to New York for a few meetings with different labels, but the one with visionary was like more of a family oriented meeting. They really care about you it’s not just about the money.  It’s not just about the music.

What do you want people to get the most from your sound?

  I just want them to say that I’m versatile , pretty much that I can do it all.

Listen to LBS Kee’vin’s latest single, “Toxic,” featuring Luh Kel below!

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