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Get To Know King Carter, Acclaimed Manager & Label CEO

King Carter also known as Daud Carter rose to prominence in the music industry by managing DaBaby. With the help of King Carter, DaBaby has transcended in the A-list rank of artists in the game. His work ethic, hunger for success, and willingness to adapt helped make the Charlotte rapper a superstar. Today, Carter is focused on building an empire of his own to uplift other talented creatives in the game. His label, Social Currency Enterprises, has just recently signed a joint partnership deal with EMPIRE. This partnership is vast and will allow his label to provide management, booking, publishing, publicity, and more for every creative on the roster.

During our hour-long conversation, King provided us with endless gems, vulnerable moments, and inspiring information. Check out the transcription below.

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Ahmad: First things first, Social Currency Enterprises. How does it feel now that you have announced your new partnership with EMPIRE?

King Carter: It feels great; I love that we were able to partner with a group that shares the same values. We both share an independent mindset, so, incredibly, we were able to get it together.

Ahmad: SCE does not just manage artist but it does it all! What all does SCE do and how important was it for you to ensure your artists have these resources?

King Carter: It is essential to know where the money is coming from in this game. I want to educate my artists on all of the various avenues to get to the bag. My goal is to make everyone around me as much money as possible. You have to cover everything. They have to understand the importance of building their social currency to grow within the industry.

Ahmad: As a manager for DaBaby, many people think his success happened overnight. Talk about how important artist development to his career?

King Carter: It most definitely did not happen overnight. Honestly, the reason he has become everyone’s favorite is that I understood that there was more to it than just the music. With the help of our OG Arnold Taylor, we were able to help educate him on every aspect of the game. Even now, you see DaBaby doing the same thing with Stunna 4 Vegas!

Ahmad: Your roster has been making great waves early on! Tell us more about your artists and what made each one worthy of being signed?

King Carter: Man we have Fast Cash Boyz (rap group), Rontae Don’t Play (artist), ZayTheGOAT (artist), Tianis Rose (artist), Evoni (artist), Young Sunny Boy (artist), Littlejohn4K (artist), 20K Visuals (creative). Moreover, they have all brought so much to the table and are intricate. Our roster is vast, but we all have the same mission, and we are going to go crazy in the upcoming years.

Ahmad: Do you ever take the time to really think about how much you and your team have been able to accomplish?

King Carter: I do not think I want to, honestly. I don’t want to get caught up in thinking about accolades. When people I put into position can think back on what they have done, it will hit for me. I forget how much I have done sometimes. Therefore, it is vital that I stay humble because I know what I am looking forward to accomplishing. Lastly, I just want to keep getting better because I know that if I do the work, God will do the magic.

Stay tuned for King Carter’s moves going forward. He is looking to take the game over in 2020 and beyond.

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