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Day Sulan Is The Princess of 4HUNNID

Day Sulan is the definition of a rose rising from the concrete. Her introduction to the music industry on her label CEO, YG‘s track “Her Story” felt like she was ready for the big leagues. The track was reminiscent of Nicki Minaj’s Young Money coming out party “Still I Rise” on Lil Wayne’s popular mixtape series. It’s too early to say if her career will take off in the same way as the Harajuku Barbie but the potential is there. Outside of being an extremely talented and attractive woman, her heart seems so pure. As a woman of African-American & Vietnamese descent, she is no stranger to being the underdog.

Today, the Compton rapper is standing tall through all the trials and tribulations of her past. Her sensual voice perfectly blends with her suggestive subject matter to create endless bangers. Her bars are perfect for all the fans of her subgenre of rap. Recently, Day Sulan was named as one of REVOLT‘s 11 Female Rappers To Watch in 2021 for good reason. She came a long way from her days at LA’s notorious gentlemen’s club Crazy Girls. The African-American/Vietnamese lyricist is looking to be one of the hardest in the game. Honestly, after our awesome conversation, I have no doubt that she will reach that goal.

Check out our refreshing conversation below!

Photo courtesy of Epic Records

Ahmad Davis: So, introduce the world to those who do not know who Day Sulan is just yet.

Day Sulan: I’m Day Sulan, Compton native & artist. Coming to f*ck up the game! To keep it short and sweet you know.

AD: From what I read, Compton is not the easiest place to come up from. Can you talk about how growing up in those circumstances molded you?

DS: I lived in a very sheltered household. They tried to keep me from the world. It was not until I left the house that I really jumped off the porch. I got caught up in the gang life and other street stuff. I did not have much guidance, so I had to figure everything out on my own. It was hard, but I knew it was best for me to get it done.

AD: You talk about a lot of these feelings on YG’s track “Her Story” on his last solo project. Let us know how that happened.

DS: That was one of those beats that I just heard and vented on. I just went in there hoping that no one would hear it foreal. I just wanted to get some stuff off my chest. When YG heard it, he told me that that would be the perfect way to introduce me. I was shaken, but I was like, come on, that’s nice. I guess it’s time to rock a boat or two.

AD: Everyone is in this pandemic! Can you talk about how it slowed some of the progress you were making prior to it?

DS: It slowed everything!! I had my first couple of shows booked and it just stopped. My first performances happened and then the world shut down. I was supposed to perform at Rolling Loud and a couple of Nike shows. God was like “hold on” I guess so I cannot really get mad. Its all good though because when things open up I will be ready.

AD: Speaking of crazy, that’s the only word that I can think of when it comes to your visual for “Bailar” with YG. Did you help with the creative direction of that video?

DS: With the fashion yes! I really gave most of the direction to the latino culture in the area. Many people do not know I am also part Cuban and I did not want them to think it was cultural appropriation. But the fashion, that’s all me!

AD: If you could go to dinner with 5 people who inspired you (DOA), who would it be?

DS: Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, Selena, hmmm honestly the greats. My 5th would be a more current one, let’s say Queen Latifah because I love her. My love for music comes from those 5 people. I appreciate everything that they have done for our culture.

AD: Do you consider yourself an advocate for women that would like to be more open about their life experiences?

DS: Most definitely I would like to be a role model. It is not a man’s world. I want them to know that you can be whatever you want to be. I can rap about whatever I want to rap without being boxed in. My music from here to now is so diverse and has plenty of styles. I have something for everybody.

AD: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

DS: Honestly, just going crazy in this industry. I want my family taken care of and I want to be all over the place musically. Performing and traveling, just doing what I love is my goal.

Photo taken by Keneneth

AD: How excited are you for people to hear the 4HUNNID compilation album GANG AFFILIATED?

DS: My favorite record on there outside of “Bailar” would have to be “Might Be“. We are really like a family so the project shows that without a doubt. We are in a competition to see which song goes the furthest out the project. I look forward to people just tapping in and seeing more from me and the team.

Be sure to check out Day Sulan on Instagram and peep the new 4HUNNID Compilation project GANG AFFILIATED here!

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“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” - Jordan Peele

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