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Get To Know Taylor Eve, Brooklyn’s Newest R&B Pop Star

Taylor Eve is in the 0.0096%(totally made up but you get the point) of the Earth’s population that Snoop Dogg knows exist. If his cosign was not enough to warrant an article her angelic voice and aesthetically pleasing style should suffice. In music, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the women and Taylor Eve is poised to be one of the leaders of the new regime. Her last project ‘TAYLOR‘ was instant favorite streaming over half a million times in a month. It is safe to say that New York is the home to many legends and I am extremely confident that Taylor will add her name to that list when it is all said and done.

Check out our interesting conversation below to learn more about her.

Ahmad: Tell us who Taylor Eve is?

Taylor Eve: I would say, Taylor Eve, is a rising singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York who has been captivating the attention of many through her melodic R&B vibes, catchy hooks and innovative sense of style. After graduating from Hampton University in 2018, she took her singing career by the reins and started chasing her dreams. Taylor Eve has been singing since she was about seven years old and with only two years under her belt of actually recording music, Taylor Eve’s growth with her music and live performances has evolved tremendously and is only getting better. Taylor Eve is an emerging artist to keep an eye out for!

Ahmad: NY is home to many of the game’s top female artist, what was it like growing up there?

Taylor Eve: Influential! Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York really helped shape my sound, style, and overall outgoing personality. Growing up in Brooklyn was really like what you saw in the movies; girls playing jump rope on the block, getting my hair braided on my stoop and the summer block parties were always a favorite of mine. Brooklyn is just one big ass community and I love it because the pride Brooklyn natives have is just unmatched! So many of the industry’s most influential artist has come out of New York and really set the bar high for the artist who comes after them so that also definitely pushes me to be the best I can be. Coming from New York is a blessing in itself, I was able to interact with so many different walks of life, cultures, religions, music, and lifestyles. This fast-paced lifestyle also naturally made me a sharper thinker and more of a hustler and that’s just what I need when trying to maneuver through this big city and entertainment industry.

Ahmad: I have seen you perform and you are dope, what do you do to prepare for your shows?

Taylor Eve: I go to vocal lessons anywhere between 2-4 times a week (depending on the week), and that helps me to remain vocally strong. I also do rehearsals in my room in front of one of my body length mirrors, and I would have a full out 2-3 hour rehearsal in my room.

Ahmad: There are so many artists out now, what makes you stand out?

Taylor Eve: My sound is very different, I like tapping into various sounds, I love showing my versatility with singing really high notes, really low notes and then busting out with a rap verse to catch people off guard. My style of writing is different, I have a very old school ear when it comes to writing music but I do a great job of making it resonate with the style and sounds of music that we listen to today. My overall look is very different, people know I’m “The girl with the braids,” or “The girl with a star on her face,” and you can always catch me wearing something colorful or something that is just bold, but I’m an Aquarius so that should be expected.

Ahmad: Who are your inspirations?

Taylor Eve: Beyonce, Rihanna, and Aaliyah are definitely my core female inspirations, they are such dominating woman and have made such a powerful impact through their music, and business ventures and I look up to them and strive to emulate the kind of success that these women have achieved throughout their careers. As far as my male inspirations, Jay-Z, Drake and Michael Jackson are my top three male inspirations. They too are also dominating forces and have really demonstrated where one can be through diligent, hard work and dedication.

Ahmad: Can you tell us about the moment you realized Snoop had co-signed you?

Taylor Eve: It was about two days after the release of my debut single, “Like You“, and my friend got a call from one of his friends and they were saying that Snoop Dogg posted my song on his page and we had no idea what they were talking about so we all rushed to Snoop Dogg’s Instagram page and saw that he posted my song with the caption saying “Fiyyyyyyaaa” and that was the initial moment when we knew we had that co-sign by Snoop Dogg.

Ahmad: If this is someone’s introduction to you, what song would you tell them to listen to first?

Taylor Eve: Listen to my song “EVERYTHING” and after that, play “LIKE YOU,” they’re both available on all streaming platforms, and those are the two songs I would tell a new listener to listen to.

Ahmad: Your latest project ‘TAYLOR’ is amazing, tell us more about what it was like making it?

Taylor Eve: It was a year-long process, I was creating so many songs and didn’t even have the thought of a project in mind but it all came together so organically. I wanted to tap into so many different sounds on my first EP so people can get a glimpse of the different styles of music that I can curate and really just use my first EP as a showcase of my talent and the many different sounds that you can expect to hear from me in the future. I loved working with my team of friends at the time who helped bring my vision to life and it was amazing to see the number of positive responses we got back just off of my first project. We stayed up for long hours and had extremely long nights just making music and even producing original beats so it was definitely a full-blown team effort that really all came to fruition nicely and the work speaks for itself.

Ahmad: What is next for Taylor Eve?

Taylor Eve: New music, more shows, collaborations and a project to close out the year.

Follow Taylor Eve on all social media @Tayloreve!

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